Monday, July 20, 2009

Endorsements for a Late-In-Life Mom

Mike from Unraveling Life's Mysteries, posted about possible endorsements he was available for as an older father of teenage daughters. Products he could use in his daily life.

I was so inspired, I decided to come up with my own list. These are products that I actually use and would be willing to promote for a very reasonable fee.

The Bad Momma "Pick Me" List:

First off: Reading Glasses: Especially when dispensing medications. These handy magnifying lenses can help save lives! Thankfully I learned this before my children were seriously harmed. I'd be willing to do a PSA on this! The Importance of Reading Glasses After 40

Next on my list: Bandages, Anti-Bacterial ointment, First-Aid Kits. I have three boys. Enough said!

Another very important part of my life: COFFEE
It's what's for breakfast! I'd even be willing to be filmed riding a mule with Juan Valdez!

I also enjoy an occasional glass of wine to help take the edge off of a long day.

I think the folks at Mad Housewife should use me on their label when they come up with the next generation of vintages: Bad Housewife tm.

After my run-in with a stop-sign crashing driver, I would be happy to endorse Travelers Insurance (the at fault drivers insurance).

They were prompt and fair with the rental car & settlement. And no, alcohol was not involved!

The folks at Chrysler should use me as a "Spokes-model" for the Town & Country mini-van. We been proud owners of five of these reliable vans. (or as Weasel Momma likes to call them - "MILF mobiles) My latest is the 2008 with Stow-n-Go and the Touring Package. Came with 1 year of Sirius Radio and my husband is hooked on the Comedy Channel.

Next up is a very important part of my life, that keeps me connected: My "Smart Phone" - the Samsung Omnia. It was a ChanuKwanzamas present from the Cell-Phone Fairy.

There are a few drawbacks. In addition to "my butt dialing out" as well as texting without my permission, the screen is hard to read without reading glasses.

I would like to help with the next generation of cell phones for "Seniors" called the "Eye Phone"patent pending for the over 40 crowd.

And finally, thanks to the folks at AARP, I am now considered a "Senior". I have noticed as I have turned 50 this year, the aging process has accelerated and I could use a bit of maintenance.
I would love to work with the folks at Extreme Makeover for a new series: Extreme Makeover- The Senior Edition.

After helping to pioneer a new procedure, "The Elbow Lift", I would also like to be considered for a Tummy-Tuck, Neck Lift and Mini-Face Lift. ( and any other improvements deemed necessary to turn me into a Cougar.)

Going to BlogHer (sort of)

Momo Fali has graciously offered to take a flattened version of me with her to BlogHer. I would love to have my picture taken with you if you are going to be there. I should have a photo to post tomorrow of "Flat Bad Momma".

If any of you have connections to sponsors, feel free to hook me up!


seashore subjects said...

Loved the list and the idea of it! Enjoy your virtual visit to BlogHer.

surprised mom said...

I absolutely loved your list and they are included in my list of daily necessities. Isn't MomoFali wonderful to take you a virtual visit to BlogHer. I live in Chicago, but won't be going. From all accounts, I hear it's a hair raising good time!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great list! Some of mine for sure! And I hope the trip to BlogHer is a blast for Flat Momma!

WeaselMomma said...

I can't wait to take a picture with you at Blogher! Can I take you home with me?????? Your endorsements are great. They should pay you big bucks.

Bad Momma said...

Thanks to all for your well-wishes.
@ WeaselMomma: Hell yes! I have instructed Momo to leave me with you so I can hang with the Weasels & your Chicago posse. I would love to be a guest on Suburban Wow and meet Melisa & S.M. Perhaps a day of sightseeing? Sears (Willis) Tower?

My Three Sons said...

I completely agree, three boys, lots of band aids!

The reading glasses, well I can't see anything without my contacts. I swear my eyes get worse every year! Does that come with age? LOL

Mike said...

Loved your list. Glad I could "inspire" you to find those items that need a special endorsement from Bad Momma.

I'm in for the coffee and the wine as well....