Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sum It Up Sunday - The Week In Random Observations

Track Meet
Conversation with youngest son at his eldest brother's track meet after observing him hang out for a bit with two boys:

Me:" Who were those boys you were talking with? Are they friends from school?"

Youngest: "Not exactly... more like PEERS."

Note to self: I've met quite a few peers and only one friend to date this year. Not sure if I should be concerned.

Talking Dirty
Middle son as I was watering my plants asked me if I knew the difference between Dirt & Soil.
When I shrugged my shoulders, he went on to explain:

"Dirt is soil where it's not supposed to be..."

Note to self: My house isn't dirty, I'm just gardening indoors!

How to Bond With A Teenager

Yesterday I had to take the eldest to a Ensemble Contest for his 7th Grade Band. Afterwards I took him for ice cream. We also went shopping for shorts and dress shoes for him.

We usually find out about wardrobe deficiencies when the weather changes. Or when dressing up for special occasions! I observed the boy limping in his 2-sizes too-small dress shoes. The other clue was sneaking along a pair of sneakers to change into after the contest.

We bonded over ice cream and shopping. I usually have an enjoyable time when I get one on one time.

Note to self: The key to success for quality time with a teenager is to make it all about them!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Springtime Blooms

Lilacs are starting to bloom!