Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Importance of Reading Glasses After 40

"No, Colin!", he shouted as my then 9 year old son pushed his 5 year old brother out of my reaches. "Don't let her give you your medicine! Let Dad do it!"

It was at that moment I realized my children were afraid of me and my label reading abilities.
Sadly, I had given slightly higher than recommended doses of cold medicine a few times. The last time my 9 year old was given a much higher dose of cold medicine and was drowsy all day.

I was about to relinquish this duty to my husband but he stood firm. " You need to learn how to do this properly. Go get your reading glasses!"

I found one of the many pairs I have scattered about the house and found that the labels are much easier to read with magnified vision. Correct dosage was given and I have never made that mistake again.

Lesson: Reading glasses may hurt your ego but your family will be safer!

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