Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up - 2 week Catch-up

Just a few more weeks until things quiet down at work. I took my youngest son to look at a local holiday display made by high school students to get in the mood. More photos here on my photo blog.

We had a nice, quiet, drama-free Thanksgiving dinner at our house. My sister and her family came over. Usually they host at their house. I used our good china, ironed my good tablecloth and napkins and for the first time used my grandmother's good silver. My hubby observed how much preparation is involved for a meal that is over in minutes!

My sister-in-law sent the lovely centerpiece in the photo above to us. They decided to stay at home this year. We are long over due for a trip to Chicago. Hopefully before too long... Maybe we'll even get to visit the Suburban Wow gals. .... Good to have goals!

It is finally feeling a bit like winter around here. I did manage to keep some flowers alive until December. Sadly today I had to cut them back as they were frozen and wilted. This picture was taken right after Thanksgiving. We had our first dusting of snow which melted by mid-morning!

Hard to believe it will be Christmas in just a few weeks. I feel horribly guilty about ignoring my blog & blog friends. I hope to be back in the swing of things by year end.

Hope everyone is doing well.