Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WTF Moment

I came home to this lovely offer sitting on the kitchen table. My DH (this time the D is not for dear) not only opened my mail but neatly left this money-saving proposal on top of my reading pile. Even though he was not here at the time, I imagined the smirk on his face.* (think I can get him for tampering with my mail?)

A.A.R.P.?!!!! W.T.F.???

In another month I will be half a century old, 5 decades, 5o Fabulous Years Young! Other than a few more gray hairs, wrinkles and aches, I feel pretty good and not much different from my 30's. I am no where near retirement age.

Or am I????

My back is starting to ache, I feel extra frown lines forming and I swear I just felt another patch of hair turn to gray.

I just had a Senior Moment.

Thank you A.A.R.P.!

*the reason my hubby thinks this is so amusing is that he is 1 1/2 years younger than me. (I look years younger, though.) ;p


Debbie said...

Those people really should watch who they are sending those things too! Actually, my husband got one of those and a card, when he was 25!

WeaselMomma said...

You'll make 50 look good!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. my hubby has been getting those for the last few months. he is 18 y/older than i so i get to tease him about it forever. although he is quite proud of the fact that he can get Burger King to give him a senior's discount LOL

terri said...

Oooh, your hubby's a brave man. Does he realize the repercussions of his antics???

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I heard 50 is the new 40, so enjoy the perks of AARP-membership while living the life of a younger woman. In your picture, and I'm sure in person, you look too young to be 50.

sistersledgekws said...

50 is totally the new 40. I am an older mom two at 43 with a 5 and 1 y/o. Who cares right!