Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good News / Bad News / Good News - Count Your Blessings - Saturday

I was going to originally post a summary on the 6 week - Faithful Friday-Count Your Blessings- that I took part in. However on the way home from work, I was given some more things to be thankful for.

First for some Good News: Looks like I may be getting a brand-new car!

Now for some Not So Good News: I was involved in a car crash and my mini-van has sustained some pretty serious damage.

Back to some Good News: No one was hurt. And it was NOT my fault!

This morning, I took my youngest son to work with me for a couple of hours. I wanted to do a bit of paperwork to get caught up for next week. On the way home, as I crossed an intersection, where we did not have to stop, I was smashed into by a car that failed to notice the stop sign he was supposed to stop at. In a split second I saw the car coming at me, but did not have time to do anything but yell out to my son in the backseat.

I was hit so hard my car spun around, hit a telephone pole and a telephone box before stopping at an 180 degree angle and facing back towards the way I had come. As I came to a stop, I made sure my son was o.k. and other than being shaken up, I was in one piece!

I got out, made sure the other driver was o.k. which he was, other than a leg that was scraped up by his airbag. We began the one & a half hour process of police reports and insurance company phone calls. I was less than 2 miles from my house and my husband was able to come quickly to help out.

It may be a few days to find out if my car is "totaled". Which means I will be in the market for a new car. It will cost me some $$$ for this privilege but I guess it's only money....

No sense getting worked up over what I can't change. I am very grateful that no one was seriously hurt. Property can be replaced; hopefully the insurance company will be reasonable.

As I write this post, I realize the influence Count Your Blessings has had on me. I could have looked at this event and only seen the bad. Instead I chose to see the positive!

Sometimes you just have to Count Your Blessings ......



Good for you for seeing the positive! I'm so glad nobody was hurt.
It does stink though, that you are just driving down the road minding your business, and someone comes along and all of a sudden you're dealing with all of these problems and complications. My niece just went through that, her first accident, and it was so upsetting!
She likes her new car though. =)

wornoutwoman said...

These blessings are huge ... that no one was hurt and that your dh could get there quickly. Thank you for sharing this today.

I'm sorry about your car, but who knows you may end up getting enough money that you get a better one....or one you like better anyways.

Love to you badmomma! from kim and daily blessings aka wornoutwoman

Tara R. said...

I'm so glad you and your son are okay. That had to be frightening! Good for you in seeing the blessings in this.

Birdie said...

SO sorry about the bad news, so happy about the good news! Glad you're all ok lady!

Jenny said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear, and I'm so glad you and your son are ok! That must have been scary! I *hope* your ins. deems your car unfixable. We were in an accident years ago, my van was pretty beat up, but "fixable". We paid our deductible and the ins. paid the rest to have it repaired, but after we got it back it just didn't run the same. A year later we had to go get another car anyway.
Good luck with everything!

Trish said...

Had to come read about the car after seeing that picture on the buzz!
I'm so glad that you are all ok! And how cool is that that you saw the positive instead of the negative! I've found the 'count your blessings' every week has changed my outlook too!
You had a blessed week, even if some were 'jarring' to begin with!

terri said...

Oh gosh... I'm so behind in my reader and just getting to this now. I'm so glad everyone is ok and that you are able to feel blessed by this event. I know how scary it must have been for all of you though, and I'm sorry you had to go through this!

4funboys said...

glad you'll get a new car out of the deal... but I'm SOOO glad to her no one got hurt!