Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sum It Up Sunday - Week in Review

Summer is in full swing. The days are flying by. Only two more weekly swim meets left!
The boys are doing well and are accumulating stacks of ribbons. I wonder if they will miss their morning swim practices next month. The older two boys are volunteering at the library and all three are participating the the Summer Reading program. They also all have weekly music lessons; trumpet for Devon and piano for the other boys.

Life's A Gas

I am constantly amazed at the progress the boys are making. The other day my husband informed me that my eldest son figured out how to play the NBC theme song. At first Dad was not impressed, after all it is only 3 notes. "How hard is it to play three stinking notes?" my hubby inquired.
" It's ironic that you used the word "stinking". I played it with my butt" our eldest (and baddest) boy replied.
Ewwww. Glad I was't there! Does the "Butt Trumpet" count as a musical instrument? If so I have a very talented boy! ( and a stinky one as well). ;p

Speaking of gas, this is what I paid this week with my 30 cent Kroger Marketplace discount - $2.18.
Not bad.... My Three Sons in Missouri " finally saw 2.29 ... for gas" this week.

What I paid for gas using my 30 cent discount!

Anticipation is Making me Wait...
My Bush Champion Tomatoes are getting really big and I am anxiously awaiting their safe change to red. I keep hearing about this terrible Tomato Blight and am trying to closely monitor my plants. I am finding the typical spotting on a few branches of leaves but I don't think we have any with the late blight that the media is reporting. As I bought a bunch of plants from a grower that was hit (Bonnie Plants) I am concerned. I've worked too hard this year to lose my crops.

As seen in the photo above, these are the biggest tomatoes I have EVER grown! Can't wait for them to turn red.

Bowling for Discounts

Yesterday I took the boys bowling so they could use some of the "Free" coupons they have accumulated. All 3 boys were given coupons for 2 free games. (not including shoe rental). When we arrived at the alley, my youngest son informed me that he lost his coupon. I paid for his 2 games and the shoes for the boys which set me back $16.

After bowling we went to dinner to use another coupon for 15% off at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, where I dropped $70 for dinner for 4.

Evening out with my boys, PRICELESS!

Hot Mess
Dad was home last night working on fixing a leak in the hot water pipe. Still working on it today. The broken part is ancient and impossible to find. Hope he gets the problem fixed. Today. I need a shower. Badly!

Seems like everything in the house is breaking at once. My hubby just fixed the ice-maker. Next on tap after the Hot Water heater is looking at new dishwashers.

When it rains, it pours. Same thing happens when pipes & dishwashers are broken...

On that note, it is a sunny day & I think I'll take the boys to the pool. Might be the closest we'll get to having a bath or shower today!


terri said...

Enjoy these times with your boys. All too soon, they're too big to want to spend much time with mom.

My dishwasher just broke, the bathroom shower is leaking and I'm closely monitoring the stove and refrigerator. I'm sure they won't last much longer. Don't you hate how everything goes at once?

surprised mom said...

It sounds like you and your boys had a great time. They grow up and away so fast, so I know you're enjoying your time with them now.
I had several appliances break at the same time a couple of months ago. I started holding my breath whenever I used one. They are fixed now and I am happy. The shower is dripping steadily though. Should I be afraid?
I hope you get your shower soon.

My Three Sons said...

I haven't been bowling in a long time. I actually grew up in a bowling alley. My whole family were on leagues and my grandfather was semi pro.

I'm very jealous of your gas price. When you fill up a 30 gallon tank, those few cents can really help out.

Hope the boys do well in their last meets. Wish them luck from me.

Cheffie-Mom said...

This is what summer is all about! Oh - and I have a husband and son, who are both pros at the butt trumpet! LOL!

seashore subjects said...

It always seems that when I use the "free" coupons for bowling I end up dropping quite a bit of cash!

You have great gas prices! Here it is 2.65 - too much!

Hope your repair issues run smoothly!

Mike said...

Our gas is almost up to $3 a gallon. Yikes, so much for the travel plans.

I agree with Teri, enjoy your time with the boys. They grow up way too fast...