Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday - A Few More Blessings to Mention

P.S. I forgot to mention 2 more big blessings this week.

1. Last night, after the accident, my 7 year old son ( the one in the car with me ) finally learned to ride a 2 wheeler bike!

2. One of my posts was picked up on Friday over at Blogger's Annex. It was the one entitled, Antidote for Holiday Hell, which I wrote last year right before Thanksgiving. This post was written as advice to a fellow Mom Blogger who was complaining about MIL drama ruining the Holidays.

Blogger's Annex is a new site that promotes the idea
"that only the best posts will be published. Our hope is that it will feel like an honor to have something published here."

If they let me join, I'm pretty sure anyone can. Only one post is published per day. My advice is join early so you have a better chance of being "published". If you have a chance, visit and / or join Blogger's Annex



Congrats! It looks like an interesting place & a good way to find new blogs to obsessively read. ;o)

Tara R. said...

yea! for riding a two-wheeler! Congrats on getting the post picked up.