Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Gonna Be O.K. ( I think)

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from my doctor, the x-ray films came out "clean". No broken neck! (whew!) I can now make an appointment for a Medical Massage without fear of doing more damage.

Think I'll hold off on the pregnancy test. I was more careful with what I ate yesterday and my weight gain was lowered by 2 pounds. I think I will wait 7 or 8 more months to be "surprised" that the "baby" I am carrying is just a "food baby". I'll be so relieved that I won't mind having bought a new wardrobe for my expanding waistline. A few new frocks for me will be a heck of a lot cheaper than two headed sweaters for my non-existent mutant baby. And I won't have to leave my family to tour with my baby and the circus we would have had to join! See there is a bright side here!

More Good News

After a few nail-biting days, I found out that my car will be totaled. Which is kind of cool. To be able to add to the story, in a nonchalant way ".... Yeah, the car was totaled."
ONLY when you are involved in a wreck, that is not your fault, that you and your passenger can walk away from without a scratch! We'll just leave out that whimpy crap about sore muscles, tingling arm and high blood pressure. That stuff isn't going to up my cool-quotient.

I now have 4 days to buy a new Town & Country and take delivery before the dealer incentives expire. *deep breath* *taking a moment to recite the Serenity Prayer* (just the 1st 4 lines)

O.K. We can do this. And when I say "We", I pretty much mean my husband. He has been researching and reading all the important reports that one should read while looking for a new vehicle. He's merely pretending that I have options. I play along and give my opinions, as if they count! Thankfully he's a gadget guy and will make sure I get much more than I think I need.

Last time he made sure I had automatic doors that I thought excessive. Now I can't imagine doing without this feature. My stripped-down rental car is a daily reminder of how dependent I have become on this automatic-chivalry option.

Mail - Call

Another letter arrived in the mail from a concerned attorney. I also missed a phone call from yet another Chiropractic Group. I tell you, I live in a very caring community!

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the boys. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch. I will count that as a Good Day. I have decided to ask my oldest & baddest boy on a daily basis if he was "Nice" Today. (see yesterday's post, Manic Monday). I just asked him and he gave me the thumbs up sign that he was indeed "nice".

Yesterday I had my oldest son at work with me and he helped me buy a carload of goods at Sam's Club in record time. I had made a list ahead of time and put it in order of the path we would travel. We came up with a new slogan that I will recommend the Principal add to her short list.
"It's Good To Be Organized"
I think this is more relevant to academic ( and domestic) achievement! Bill Gates didn't get where he is today by being "NICE". (my name isn't NICE Momma). I may have to join the PTO and lobby for a new slogan.

Speaking of being organized, I need to hop off my computer, hop into the shower and then off to bed. I have a full day ahead tomorrow and need to be ready! It's been "nice" catching up with you!



Enjoy your new ride! I'm glad you're not broken.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm glad to hear the good news. I left you a little note in my blog that I think will make you smile!

Anonymous said...

You've been one busy momma! So sorry to hear about your reck but glad you are fine!

Jenny said...

WOO! New car baby!!! I bet you are thrilled!

Mrs4444 said...

Can it be that I have never been to your blog before?? I had no idea you were so funny! Good luck with the new car thing... :)

mylitlbratz said...

This is my first time on your blog. Your post are great. Oo and that a nice ride you got!