Friday, August 1, 2008


This week the blessing I am giving thanks for is that of my blog.

Last week, as I went for a walk with my 7 year old son, I stopped to acknowledge a neighbor with a friendly dog. As we continued on our way, my son asked, " Do you know that woman?".

I answered "No." and he remarked, "She looks like a blogger."

He thought the lady might be a blogger because she was friendly even though we were strangers. Just like in the bloggy world. .....

I started my personal blog last year to see what "Blogging" was all about and to see if it might be useful for my business. I found the blogosphere to be so much more. It has been a wonderful outlet to archive my family stories. Sort of an electronic scrapbook, that allows me to keep track of everyday life and other minutia. My blog has brought me so many blessings.

Once again, I have friends!
I used to have an active social life. Then my friends and I grew up. We got married, had children and spread out all over the country. Friends that I used to speak to weekly now communicate in yearly Holiday Newsletters. Between work and daily family duties, there is very little "me" time. Schedules are hard to match up and get togethers with friends are difficult to plan.

As I became more active in posting and commenting, I started to "meet" other bloggers and make new friends. I sometimes feel that I live in two universes, "The Real World" and "The Blog-World". Two of my blog-friends, Tara & Tena, have written about the confusion that takes place when we relay "blogosphere friend" stories to those in real-time. Both worlds contain valued camaraderie.

I am very grateful for the friendships that I have made through blogging and blogger networks such as Cre8Buzz. I can now have conversations with friends when I have the time to log on to my computer. No worries about interrupting meals, activities or sleep.

By tracking my life in bit-parts and sound bites, my life seems more memorable and dare I say "interesting".
I have found that daily life seems more exciting in print. I am much more aware of the little, often over-looked details of daily life. Now that I am constantly thinking about my next post, I am more appreciative of events that could easily been missed. My life seems so much more full.

I am now a scrap-booker of sorts!

Sometimes I will refer back to older posts and smile. I have never been much of a archivist and never kept a journal. Somehow it has been easier for me to post my thoughts and stories electronically.

I guess the pressure of knowing that someone will notice if I cease to keep up, is a great motivator! My blog-friends are like workout buddies.... without the sweat and pain..... That's what the "Real World" is for! On that note, it's time to break for fresh air.

And the search for my next post!


wornoutwoman said...

I'm right there with ya on this one. All my friends have grown away and moved off too.
How cute is that of your son to say by the way? Love that! I'm so glad you've kept this up...I love reading your posts. I didn't have time to post much while I was gone, but I still read them.

aka Blessed 1

terri said...

You are right on the mark! Blog friends are so open, supportive and caring. I don't know what I'd do without my online friends and I'm so glad to be able to count you as one of them.

Jenny said...

I, too, am grateful for the blog friends I have made. Including you!

Tara R. said...

Amen sista. I like your take on blogging being like scrapebooking. I get a kick out of looking back at old posts. Since many of mine also have photos, I guess my blog is like a mini scrapbook too. I'm glad we met through our blogs too.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Well written. It puts a smile on my face each time I blog. (: I'm glad we have gotten to be blogging buddies!

Ann said...

I completely agree about this 'blogging world'.
"I am much more aware of the little, often over-looked details of daily life."
You've put it perfectly!