Sunday, August 31, 2008

Color My World

Yesterday morning, I found this grasshopper sitting on the hood of my white rental car. I had to get a photo. I decided to take this as a good luck omen. In the Chinese culture, the grasshopper is a symbol of good luck and abundance. The color green also represents life, luck, renewal and prosperity.

Later that day we were going to buy our new mini-van. And no, it is not green! But color is a very important part of our lives. Perhaps more than we realize. Color to some degree affects taste. It also can influence our moods. We sometimes judge others by the color of their skin. Apparently this is also a prime factor in buying a automobile. Why else would it be one of the first questions you are asked by a car salesman. Especially if you are a woman!

Racism in the Car Industry

I am always blown away by walking into a showroom and once you establish that you are looking for a vehicle, such as a new mini-van, the next question is, "What color are you looking for?"

Not " what features?", "model?", "what price range?" but "What Color?"!

Color me stupid but does one color drive better than another? Does color effect gas mileage? What about amount leg room and amount of cargo you can haul?
Are Cars Like Popsicles? Does color really matter enough to be a TOP priority????

Anything but Silver

While there are some colors I would prefer such as Champagne or a light, nondescript tasteful shade, we decided on anything but silver. My last two vans were silver. Both were involved in crashes. Coincidence? I think not!

Silver has a reflective power that creates a "cloak of invisibility". Other drivers are not always able to see you until after it is too late. It is also a common color for cars and can be a challenge to find your vehicle in a crowded lot.

Dark colors such as Burgundy, Inferno Red, Navy or Black are also at the bottom of my list. They tend to show scratches and dings in better definition than lighter hues. You never know when a telephone pole, mail box or post might jump out and attack.

Good Features are also Key

More germane to our search were certain features. We wanted stow-n-go seats (the storage areas make for good penalty boxes), navigation system (so I can find my way home), security package and a good entertainment system. All we need now is a wet-bar & toilet and then we could pretty much make this our home on wheels. Price was also a HUGE consideration. Since a new car was not in our budget for this year, we did not want to break the bank.

The Search is Over!!!

After an exhaustive search (on my husband's part) we narrowed the field to three, 2008 Town & Country vans, and then went with the best deal. Which happened to be my favorite dealer. They offer Free Lifetime Car Washes, Free Oil Changes the 1st year and, get this, a FREE LOANER CAR while your auto is being worked on!

The only potential drawback is that our new dream machine is a dark blue, or Modern Blue Pearl. While I am not a fan of the dark colors, I am warming up to this Modern Blue. I am now in fashion AND I can easily find my "baby" in a parking lot.

Especially since we'll be parking in the far back, away from all the other cars!



I love that color!
Congrats on your new ride.

Weaselmomma said...

Congrats! Those are some nice wheels. She is a total beauty. Just be careful as you will be so cool driving this thing that other drivers will be greatly distracted.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congratulations! What a lovely vehicle! Don't you just love the smell of a new car?!

4funboys said...

yeah... for you! I hope it gets good miles to the gallon!!!

Birdie said...

LOVE your new van!! And that pic was amazing!! Thanks for the comments on my new shop too btw...I do have things for men but I sold out of them. I've got about three of them laid out to complete so you'll have to come back soon & check them out *S* Oh, I miss you lots by the way. I so wish you twittered but I know you don't want to *sniff* If you ever do though, my name is thatbirdiegirl. XO

LiteralDan said...

That looks great-- congratulations! And I am with you on the parking far away thing, for sure. I'm thinking of bringing a portable fence to put around my car, too.

ciara said...

btw i wish we had stow n go *sigh* no extra storage and have to yank the middle seats out instead of them folding and stowing away. ugh.