Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inquiring Minds

The Power of Knowledge

Acronyms are becoming increasingly popular in the blog world. I've been learning as I go. There really should be a class for T.S.L. (texting as a second language) with an emphasis on acronyms. I'm still not comfortable with using LOL and prefer *L*, have learned that MIL is mother-in-law, SIL - sister-in-law... you get the drift. A new one that's been bugging me is MILF.

I had seen this pop up a lot lately and I could tell from the context in which it was used that it was synonymous with being a "Hot Momma". I was a bit confused. If MIL is mother-in-law, what did MILF stand for? I HAD to Google it! Within seconds I had my answer.

EWWW! I'm not even going to tell you. If you don't know, do your own search. I wish I didn't find out. I now think of pimply-faced teenage boys fantasizing about their friends' moms. That is just WRONG!!! Now I keep hearing that song about "Stacy's Mom" playing in my head every time I see that stupid MILF!

It has been said that knowledge is power, but sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Target Message

I was in Target last weekend shopping for school supplies with my kids and saw notebook paper with a giant 3 letter logo that stopped me in my tracks...
O.P.P. (Other People's Paper) !

O.P.P. is also a song from 1991 by Naughty by Nature with a very different meaning. The last P does not stand for paper!

Does anybody else find this disturbing?????

Our Tax Dollars At Work ( as heard on the street)

My friend, who lives in a not so great part of town, called to relay a quick but troubling story this afternoon. He was loading up his truck to make a delivery while a group of school-age girls passed him on the street. They couldn't have been more than 13 or 14 years old. One girl was pushing a baby carriage.

The girls were telling their friend with the baby about the first week of school. The girls were complaining about how much they hated their classes. Their friend looked at them and advised them on how to deal with their situation.
".... Just get knocked up and have a baby. Then your mom will let you stay home to take care of it!"

The power of knowledge at its finest! What the heck are we teaching our children??????



MILF gives me the creeps, too.

Tara R. said...

EEeewww! I knew about MILF, even blacklisted it in my spam blocker. The other examples are just wrong too, especially the teen mom. Sad really.

Mrs4444 said...

Wow. That's disturbing! I love the beginning of this post; it really cracked me up. You have a great sense of humor.

This post is what I call a "Friday Fragments" post. Feel free to join me in a FF linky next Friday...(I host it every week).