Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sumary Sunday

It's been a whirlwind of a week. After my auto accident last Saturday, I have been busy getting my life back in order.

Sunday -

Started looking at new Town & Country Mini Vans. The boys are very excited. They think they are the decision makers. ( secretly I think they are!) After sizing up our family, an astute salesman found some keys for a 2008 model with Sirius radio/TV & dual DVD system. Not sure how wise it was leaving 3 young boys in a running vehicle, but they were glued to the SpongeBob cartoon that was on the car's multi-screens.

They were ready to buy it right on the spot!

Monday - I was set up with a rental car. I was able to get a van, a Chevy Uplander. A stripped down van with a broken middle passenger seat, a bit dirty inside and smells like an ashtray. As much as I did not think automatic doors mattered much, I am missing mine. A lot! Also miss my navigation system, DVD player and radio system, leather seats and my familiar dashboard.

Tuesday - The Insurance Estimator came to inspect my vehicle and after 3 1/2 hours determined there was $9,100 damage ( using salvage parts). Estimated time in shop is 30 days.
The adjuster is anxious for us to get the car into the shop as the "clock is running" and at $38 a day, the rental car adds up.
Some lady who "heard" about my accident called our house to see how I was. She works for a local chiropractor and wanted to offer a free consultation.

Wednesday - The medical claims adjuster came out to start the paperwork. I have some muscle soreness and very, very slight numbness in one arm which is understandable due to the circumstances. I decided to open a claim as a precautionary measure and have two years to close it out.

When asked about my son, I told the truth. He was fine and no he was not traumatized by the accident. He's a true boy. He thought it was "cool"! He was merely disappointed that we didn't make the 6:00 news and a little upset that I wouldn't let him inspect the damage and shiny parts of the wreck up close. I guess the fact I screamed at him every time he inched within a few feet of my car might be considered trauma but I don't think I'll file a claim on his behalf.

I was warned that now that my police report is published. I will start getting phone calls from Attorneys and Chiropractors.

Sure enough later that day, there were more phone calls from concerned citizens. I had no idea how many "caring" lawyers and chiropractors were in my community. Also car salesmen! Once it is known that you are in the market for a new car, these buggers can be persistent! Do you think that "Pain, Suffering and Loss of Income" applies to the amount of time spent on the phone with these folks?

Thursday - My poor car was towed to the garage. Gone is my daily reminder of how "lucky" we are. My husband had to sign a release form for the dealership garage so that they can "dissect" my vehicle. He was told that it would take at least 45 days to repair and that there was most likely a bit more damage.

After dinner we went to another dealership to take some test drives. My boys inspected every car in the showroom. I took two cars for a quick test spin to see if engine size really matters. I came to the conclusion: not so much. We were offered an extended test drive for a few days and I politely declined. I am still a bit "twitchy" and not keen on driving a brand new car so soon. It still feels like all the drivers on the road are gunning for me. The boys were disappointed. They fully expected we would leave with a brand new car.

Sorry guys! It's not like shopping for a new pair of pants... You can't have one for every day of the week!

Friday - The phone calls have momentarily died down, although I did get a nice letter with a copy of my police report from a local high-profile, personal injury attorney. While I'd love to appear in his next ad campaign, ( I think I'd look HOT in a neck-brace) I think I'll pass.

I kind of goofed up anyway. I was supposed to call him first BEFORE I spoke to anyone....Oh well.

Saturday - First day I had passengers in my rental car. I took two of my boys on a shopping trip for school supplies, clothes and groceries. While I am a bit more comfortable in my temporary transportation, I still feel like a giant magnet that pulls oncoming traffic into my path.

I also get confused on finding my car in crowded parking lots. It's hard enough to find my "normal" car in a crowd of look-alikes. Imagine keeping track of a vehicle I am not familiar with.

Sunday - We won't find out until tomorrow ( Monday) about the status of my car. I decided to take the rest of the weekend off from worrying about the next steps.


4funboys said...

ha... caring citizens my foot! that's almost funny, if not annoying.

I spent the weekend in the hospital with some family and it's amazing how the vultures hang around. (we had some issues with lifesupport etc... so they were "on hand" to "deal with any issues." WHHHat???

I hope you're feeling better soon. That numbness is concerning, so take it easy... as much as you can.

(I always laugh when people say that, like our boys can just be "on hold" for an extended period of time.

but try... anyway.

Jenny said...

Oh goodness. I didn't realize you had injuries...even if slight. Sounds like quite a week. Good luck today, and let us know how it goes!