Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Space Friend - Tom

Tom, I'm sorry. You had to be deleted. Nothing personal, I do not know you and I do not need any new friends. You gotta admit, it's kind of creepy the way you just popped up in my Friends section on my brand new MySpace account.

Last night I set up a MySpace Account. I just wanted to see what it was all about. All my much younger associates have one and I was curious. I was told that in order to view profiles, you must have an account. Well now that I am a BLOGGER, I thought, why not venture into MySpace, although I gotta admit I was a bit nervous. It was Friday the 13th and I was a bit intimidated by this cyber-space swimming pool of humanity.

In the profile I had to put my birthday, zip code and other personal information. Why was I here: Friends? Dating?, Relationships or Networking? Well I am not looking to make any new friends; certainly not for dating or relationships ( affairs?). As I am married with children, I checked Networking. Then there was the preference box: Straight, Gay, Bi or No Preference. What do I check? I am Straight and have friends that are Gay. If I check No Preference, what does that mean? Would someone think I was a bi-curious, bored suburban Mom looking for some hot lesbian action? I clicked on Straight.

After filling out what I felt was the bare minimum info to set up my account, I was one click away from joining. I was nervous. Blogger seems so much more anonymous.I held my breath and joined. I reviewed my profile & to my surprise I already had a friend. His name is Tom.

Oh shit! I do not know him. Why is he in my space? What would my husband think? I need to get rid of him. Will Tom be hurt or mad ? Will he become a stalker? I was a little afraid. My best option was to delete him. I think I fixed the settings so that only people I invite can be my friends.

Sorry Tom, no offense but you had to go. You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that!

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