Saturday, April 7, 2007

Manicure Scissors can cut hair!

My then 3 year old practicing his fine motor skills

One day while getting my 2 older boys ready for school, my preschooler, who was running a fever, was given some Tylenol and left unsupervised upstairs with his sleeping father. When he came back downstairs, his hair was wet & a patch of scalp was showing.
Me: "Colin! What happened to your hair?!!!"
Colin: " I cut it!"
Me: " Why would you do such a thing?"
Colin:" To get the dirt out!"

I went upstairs to see how he did this as I was pretty sure the hair scissors were in a child-proof drawer. I found a sink littered with fine hair clippings and a pair of manicure scissors on the bathroom counter. Of course I was in trouble with my husband for not supervising him. Dad made me leave his hair untouched as punishment. ( mostly for me, I think ).

In speaking with other mothers, I found that lots of kids do this and that even plastic child safety scissors can cut hair. At least he didn't do this right before a school or holiday picture! The teachers got a kick out of his new 'do.
" That Colin is always practicing his fine motor skills!" one of his teachers exclaimed.

A few days later, I caught him starting to cut his hair again. At that point I decided to shave it all off! Not sure what the lesson is here because there are so many ways kids can get in trouble and it is difficult to watch them every second.

In a perfect world, all scissors would be locked up, all sharp objects also hidden and all plastic safety outlet covers would always be put back immediately after vacuuming. Which reminds me of the time we caught this same child playing with paper clips and starting to put one in an open outlet. He was one poke away from getting fried.... What can I say? I am a bad momma!

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