Friday, April 17, 2009

I - Overload

Scene from Office Space

Last week I hit a wall, I decided to take a break from blogging & reading blogs. Same story with FaceBook and Twitter. I posted a photo of my "Barbie-Self" on the beach that proclaimed I was on "Spring Break". Truth of the matter was I decided to take a (partial) Amish vacation of sorts.

Internet Overload

I had posted a short time ago ( All A-Twitter ) about reaching Media Over -load after joining Twitter and having 9 places to post things. Well it finally happened.... I virtually imploded and decided to take a brief break to de-stress and re-prioritize my time.

When I hit the "Wall", I thought back to the day last year when we were snowed in and I did a hour-by- hour photo diary of our family's survival skills. I spent so much time taking pictures and documenting the day, I didn't have time to relax. The day I wrote about, felt staged and surreal. Like an actor on a stage....

Too Much Talk & Not Enough Listen

As I maxed out my virtual capacity these past few weeks, I was so busy trying to keep up with blog friends and posting, I ran out of interesting anecdotes and the desire to blog. Twitter was filled with too many Tweets to keep up and not much interaction going on. I wondered if we are all so busy telling everyone about our every move, that we forget to pay attention to others.....

NSF Twitter Term

I did hear a funny Twitter term that an acquaintance relayed to me. Her friend was telling her that she was just "Tweeting" and created a new past-tense of the word.
"I was just Twatting."
On that note, I am back from my brief break and will be making the rounds to catch up with everyone. We are expecting some nice weather this weekend and I plan to get some gardening time in.

The only "Tweets" I plan to listen to for the next few days are from the birdies in my back yard!


WeaselMomma said...

Glad your back and I hope your virtual week on the beach was a good one.

terri said...

It's good that you knew when you needed to take a step back. I have considered it on occassion and imagine I'll actually go through with it at some point. Although, I pretty much stick to the blogging. I have joined facebook and twitter and some other social communities. I just don't do much with them. Anyway, I'm glad to say that it you were just taking a break and not completely breaking away. Welcome back!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I can I-dentify with this. (seriously, I can!)