Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time For A Quick Party Post before Gardening

I stopped by Ann's for GNO before I head out to the garden store. This is my Party Game 80's Paragraph:

After a long week working as an assistant trainer at the Jane Fonda Exercise Studio I was ready for a night out. I went to my closet, put on my Polyester Suit and headed out the door. I stopped to pick-up my friends KC & the Sunshine Band and we headed to Studio 54. This place was packed! I had just about sweated my glitter off when they turned on the lights and told us it was time to boogie home. Another great night. Can you dig it? :->

Ann's Garden Video Post has given me extra inspiration to get all dirty today! Not only did I attend her 80's Virtual Party but with the sunny weather & rising temps, looks like it's gonna be an "80's Weekend!"

Can you dig it?
*getting out my garden spade*
Yes I can!


jewelryandgiftsbyrebecca said...

Just stopped in to say HI. Nice to meet you.
I hope you had fun at the VGNO. I'll be back to see what is next from you.
Take care, Oh and Happy B-day too.

Kat said...

Got my platforms on! Happy belated VGNO!!

MarieLynn Boutique said...

I'm joining the party late! Nice to meet you!

Cheffie-Mom said...

How fun!! I'm off to check out the Garden video!!

Mike said...

Ugh! Won't the 80's die already? I just heard that they are doing a Broadway rendition of "The Wedding Singer."....