Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sum It Up Sunday - All A-Twitter

Finally Jumped On The Band-Wagon

This past week, I finally set up a Twitter account. As if I didn't have enough time-sucking hobbies on the web! I'm still trying to make sense of it all. The 140 character limit can be maddening. Also the frequency of some vs the infrequency of others can be overwhelming. I'm not yet sure how to use this tool.

I guess it's good for when I have a tidbit that is short, even by Friday Fragment standards or if I want to try to draw attention to a post or event.

Barack's Teleprompter

A friend sent me a link to a new blog, which is a smartly written blog from the point of view of the President's teleprompter, TOTUS. While much of the humor is over my head, I still feel a bit guilty for following it.

The blog is written by Mark Hemingway who is a writer for the National Review, a vehicle for the Republican Party. I wonder if "The Big Guy" reads this new blog. If so, does he find it entertaining?

Bad Momma's Secret to Housecleaning

I let my middle-son invite a friend from school over yesterday. The rules are simple. If you want to invite a friend for a "play date", you must help clean the house.

Works like a charm. We need to entertain more often.

Media Overload

Between blogs, websites, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I have 9 places to post information on the internet. I have maxed out my ability to disseminate tidbits of creativity and knowledge.

On that note, time for my caffeine infusion so I can make it through the day!

Happy Spring!!!!


terri said...

I'm one of the infrequent Twitterers. I dedicate most of my time to the blog and since "playing" on the web is frowned upon during working hours, things like Twitter fall to the back burner. Seems like everyone else is having a blast with it though.

WeaselMomma said...

I'll have to find you on twitter, it is a time sucking good time.
Totus is rip-roaring hysterical and I follow too.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I'm very interested in setting up a Twitter account. Several of my blogging friends are talking about it. Happy Spring to you!

Debbie said...

I still haven't bonded with twitter. I can't seem to see the beauty in it.

Mike said...

You know there are some days you just need to step away from the computer and give it a rest. Too much dissemination can't be good for the creativity. But then again, what do I know....