Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Fever / Flower Power

We have these wildflowers growing in our backyard; mostly where they are in danger of being mowed down by my husband! I have been transplanting them in a wooded area that I am trying to create a shade garden. I visited several resource sites on the web to identify them and came up with the most likely identity of Spring Beauty. This is a great time of year to transplant perennials and save money. Next week I am planning to go to a Perennial Potluck where I will trade plants with other gardeners; should be fun! ( more photos on my photo blog click here)


This section of the book is from the "Wild Flowers Worth Knowing" book, by Neltje Blanchan. Also available from Amazon: Wild Flowers Worth Knowing

Spring Beauty; Claytonia

PURSLANE FAMILY - Portulacaceae: Spring Beauty; Claytonia

Claytonia virginica

Flowers--White veined with pink, or all pink, the veinings of deeper shade, on curving, slender pedicels, several borne in a terminal loose raceme, the flowers mostly turned one way (secund). Calyx of 2 ovate sepals; corolla of 5 petals slightly united by their bases; 5 stamens, 1 inserted on base of each petal; the style 3-cleft. Stem: Weak, 6 to 12 in. long, from a deep, tuberous root. Leaves: Opposite above, linear to lance-shaped, shorter than basal ones, which are 3 to 7 in., long; breadth variable.

Preferred Habitat--Moist woods, open groves, low meadows.

Flowering Season--March-May.

I also had to buy a few plants such as Daisies, Columbine, Tulips & Dianthus to plant early. I can't wait until the danger of frost is over so I can start my vegetable garden & plant some more flowers!!!!


Tara R. said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I need to get more planted around here too.

terri said...

Very pretty! I can't wait to see some color around here. Some green is starting to surface but we're still a few weeks away from any flowers.

WeaselMomma said...

They're beautiful and make me feel like Spring is here.

Ann said...

Such beautiful shots of your flowers! :->