Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "P" Word

Today's Post is dedicated to the Letter P. Let's talk Politics!

I've already posted about yard signs and banners, but I have another observation I would like to make. Lack of Variety! I estimate that over 90% of the signs I see are for one race! The majority of the yards I pass that have a sign, either tout McCain or Obama.

P is for President!

I am holding true to my promise to not tell you Who to vote for but I would like to offer my suggestions on How to vote. The presidential race is not the only leaders that we are electing. We have other officials and issues to vote for.

Last time I checked we still live in a democracy. One person does not rule our country. I remember years ago, my high school social studies teacher told us that anyone could be president and recommended a rotation of "average citizens" be put in the position.

I am not advocating this nor am I publicly endorsing either ticket. I am merely pointing out that one person does not make all of the decisions for our country. If this was so, the bailout package would have gone through the first time, unedited.

Think Globally But Act Locally

Do you know who is running in your local elections? Do you know your State Reps, Congressmen, Judges, County Commissioners and issues that will be on your ballot next month? This is the time to research candidates and issues. Make sure you go beyond sound bites and understand the full impact of what you are voting for.

My husband likes to print out copies of the issues & races and study them. He discovered that this year, copies of ballots are available online. We discuss how we are going to vote & why and take a "cheat sheet" to the polls with us on election day.

P is also for Participation

I had my political awakening a few years back. I was grumbling at work about a sales tax increase that was passed with four days notice and without being put on the ballot.

"That's taxation without representation!" I ignorantly proclaimed.

To which my co-worker wryly responded with, "You vote, right?" When I said "Yes??" she reminded me that the politicians I voted for, passed this on my behalf. At that point I started to make my views known. I also had concerns about another tax issue and began to make the rounds.

I learned the importance of joining organizations of people that share my concerns. I joined the NFIB ( National Association of Independent Business Owners). I vote their ballots that help shape their platform of issues they lobby for. I have met with my state reps and attend the NFIB area action council meetings. I also participate in the yearly Small Business Day at the Statehouse.

One of the important messages we were told was about the importance of taxpayers making their views known. Our politicians are constantly bombarded by those who want to spend our money yet not as often by the citizens who ultimately fund these causes.

So my message to you is get Passionate, Proactive and Participate in Politics! If you don't vote and make your voice heard, you have no one to blame but yourself!


Weaselmomma said...

And brought to you by the number 1. Awesome post. Very well stated and I couldn't agree more.
Unfortunately, living within the Chicago political machine where the election day mottos are 'vote early, vote often' and 'bring out your dead'. Mr. W and are are very interested in elections and always vote, but are sure that the votes have been tallied well before we ever step foot in the polling place. On a good note, we are about to put the 2nd governor in a row in the slammer.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You made some very good points. I grew up abroad under Martial Law so I have a great appreciation of America and it's government. It is sad to see people here take for granted their right to participate in the political process. Or at least understand the issues before them before buying into the political ad machine.

Jenny said...

You're absolutely right, Momma. And I have to admit, I tend to ignore local politics. And really? I don't like nor do I understand politics as much as I should. (I put that video on my blog because I was astounded at how stupid she sounded, but I'm not neccessarily 100% Obama, either) Maybe I'll go to the polls this year and picket for myself. :)

4funboys said...

well said...

amazing to me how many people don't vote. That's why were in the mess we're in now.

As a CA teacher... forced to pay union dues that go to political groups I don't agree with ... I can usually just look at who CTA endorces and vote for the other guy. Pretty safe bet that don't want Hollywood running the nation...

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great P's. Great Post. Great Points. Thanks for sharing. (: