Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid Part II or better yet make that the Stupid Economy!

It has been very disconcerting to follow the news of the past two weeks. While the economy has been floundering over the last few years, with the bailout of AIG , Wall Street and many banks starting to fail, it seems like our economy is suddenly imploding.

I am having a hard time understanding how in a few weeks time, tightening credit has caused such a chain reaction in such a short time. How much is simply unfounded panic? What does this all mean?

As if watching a horror movie, I am viewing this train wreck with one eye open in child-like fascination and the other shut in gut-wrenching revulsion.

On a Brighter Note Gas Prices are starting to Drop below the $3 mark!

Every day this week I have seen the price of gas drop a few cents. Less than a week ago I paid around $3. 60 a gallon. The same station is at $3.04 tonight.

I wonder if all the fuel surcharges that have been added by my vendors at my work will be rolled back. Will citizens go back to driving more and stop conserving? I also wonder how much of the yo-yoing prices is a game being played by OPEC to see how far Americans can be pushed without breaking the hold the oil barons have over us.

Is it just my imagination or does the price of fuel get magically lowered when Americans start conserving and pushing for alternative energy?

The Glass is Half-Full

I have decided to look at the bright side of this.

We have more home-cooked meals and spend more time at home. This has brought our family closer together! My dad was a child of the great depression, yet his stories were not depressing. Neighbors pulled together and helped each other. There was a sense of community.

Time to Remain Calm

We have been trying to conserve gas by combining errands, avoiding unnecessary driving and staying close to home. If we just need a few items at the store, we will pay a slightly higher price to shop nearby than to drive further away and spend more than we would save in fuel. We also save time!

We also have avoided any drastic changes or knee-jerk reactions. We are leaving our money in the banks and are not selling stocks in a panic. Moderation is the key! What goes up must come down and when you bottom out, things can only get better!

Let's not panic people. This is a time to remain calm and reach out to your neighbors!

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