Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sundays are my day to be a bit of a slug. I slept-in late and was able to get a load of laundry in before I had to take my eldest son to his 2 1/4 hour swim practice. To avoid excessive driving, I took a book and camped out in the poolside bleachers. The smell of chlorine permeated the air as I briefly watched six lanes of swimmers pass to and fro. I wondered how much time Michael Phelp's mom spent poolside and how she passed the hours.

I was able to finish the book I brought, Nora Ephron's I Feel Bad About My Neck. Now not only am I feeling bad about my neck, I am concerned about the roll of sagging flesh that is forming above my waist as I type.

One of my favorite sections of the book is the chapter entitled "What I Wish I'd Known", a list of lessons learned. Too late for this gem:
"Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of 45."

Moving on....

New York State of Mind

When I got home, after reading this national bestseller, I felt a bit more cosmopolitan. I was also hungry and decided to eat a late lunch- early dinner. I sauteed some cherry tomatoes , basil and green onions from my garden along with some pine nuts to go with the Penne pasta I boiled at the same time.

I pretended I lived in a trendy New York apartment and set up a place setting for one in my rarely-used dining room. I sat facing the baby grand piano in the living room and had my 10 year old son play his repertoire of songs. While I'm sure that many wealthy New Yorkers have personal chefs, I wonder how many have on-call pianists.

That's the great thing about having children. They take you to places you might not normally go to and help fulfill dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I need to sign off and get to bed. I'll leave a link to one of my favorites so far........Swirling Leaves


Jenny said...

You crack me up! Make the best of what you have, huh? Oh...and that free piano we were given??? UNTUNABLE. Did you even know that was possible? I didn't. So our free piano turned into a $100 fee for the 2 minute diagnosis, and now who knows how much for another piano. If I pretend I'm a wealthy New Yorker, will that help me pay for this?

Cheffie-Mom said...

I love your imagination! And mmmmm...... the food sounds delicious!!

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

You make me laugh! So funny! I'm glad you take us along with you as your imagination roams :-)

Tara R. said...

You have your very own pianist? How ultra chic you are. The pasta sounded delicious too.

4funboys said...

no, no, no darlin...

I remember the eye shot- you remember the one? That would be the post several months ago that showed us all that you have no wrinkles around your eyes (even with the mascera smudges)... and made all us 30+ year olds jealous!

yeah, agings a bummer... but some of you do it better than others.