Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sum It Up Sunday

It seems like this week just flew by and I haven't had time to post. These are a few of the highlights:
Wednesday Recital

Alex, Colin & Mrs. G

On Wednesday, Alex & Colin had their Spring Piano Recital. Colin's 2nd grade teacher surprised us and showed up to watch him play. ( I took the above photo of her with the boys.) She is an awesome educator and shares Colin's love of math. We are so glad she came to the concert.

Thursday Fill-Up
This is the price of gas on Thursday April 30th with my 20 cent Kroger Fuel Perk. Love that gas is still under $2 a gallon.

Friday Flood Day

On Friday, right after I got the boys to swim practice we had torrential rains and a tornado warning. I had parked in an area that quickly floods. (see red marker in 1st photo). I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants to wade in knee high water. My car was moved to higher ground just as the water was reaching my tailpipe and my doors. 2nd photo shows my car on higher ground.

The boys never got to swim and we spent most of the time hiding out in the locker rooms waiting for the tornado sirens to stop. Fun times!

Saturday and Sunday: Getting Dirty

This is a photo from a trip to a local garden greenhouse on Saturday. There was a huge sale and the lines winded through the store. Outside there was a policeman directing traffic and 3 men wearing neon vests and helping control the parking lot. No down economy here!

I'll have to post more garden pics ( from Sunday) on my photo blog. I am tired and sore from weeding and planting. ( Saturday's Photos) Click on the photos to see larger version.

I can't wait to see some progress in the weeks to come!


WeaselMomma said...

You were the only one who got to get in the water at swimming! Glad all was okay in the worked out okay.

seashore subjects said...

Wow! Your town must really like to garden!

Bad Momma said...

@ WM: You got that right!

@Seashore: We picked the day of a really big sale to go! Next time I'll plan ahead...

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great photos! I hope you are keeping dry. It's been raining here, too. I'm ready for some sunshine!

Tara R. said...

Your young men look so handsome in their suits and ties. That was wonderful that Colin's teacher came to their recital.

I can't wait to see more about your garden.

Debbie said...

We were caught out in torrential downpours last night. I may never day out!

terri said...

Every kid should have a Mrs. G in their life. Such caring teachers seem to be few and far between, but they do make a lasting and positive impact.