Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fragments - WTF Moments

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A moment where something so surprising or ridiculous happens that the onlooker can only exclaim "wtf?!".
I was sitting down at the table for our formal dinner when this dude with aviators, a flannel shirt, and a mullet walked in. It was the ultimate wtf moment.
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There's a dictionary for that!
I found the above definition in the Urban Dictionary after writing about my 1st WTF moment of the week. I was curious if "WTF Moment" was being used and googled the term. I discovered the Urban Dictionary and fell out of my chair lmao while reading some of the definitions. Definitely worth perusing when you have some extra time on your hands!

If U Seek Amy.. and you find her, ask her if WTF is swearing.

Right after I posted about my WTF Moment, I saw a segment on the news about a young boy who was fed-up with his friends swearing to be cool. He started a No Cussing Club and has become a media darling and famous overnight.The club has over 20,000 members.

Don't think they're gonna let me in.....

Elmo??? WTF?!!!

"Grandparents Say Elmo Toy Spouts Inappropriate Message"

This was a featured story this week in our local news. Something about Elmo asking a child for sex.

Sorry, Wrong Number

Last night I realized I had miss-dialed a phone number just as it was ringing. I quickly hung up when I realized my mistake. Two minutes later my phone rang.


"Yes. Someone just called my number???"

"Um, that would be me. I'm sorry, I realized I had miss-dialed."

"Oh .....*click*"

WTF??? What was I supposed to do, wait & leave a message???? I always assume when I don't recognize a number that called and hung up, that it either was a wrong number or not important. Next time "someone I accidentally called and didn't leave a message for" calls me back I'm gonna pretend I'm a charity and ask for a donation.

How about The Sisters of Perpetual Motion Home for Wayward Children???

Final WTF Moment of the Week...

Drum roll please..... and the WTF of the day goes to Colin, my youngest, for waiting until I am dropping him off in the carpool lane at school this morning to realize he left his backpack at home.

WTF? The thing weighs 20 lbs, Colin! I swear the kid would forget his head if it wasn't attached!

(reminds me of the time his older brother went to school without his shoes... but that's a whole other story.)


blueviolet said...

I saw that No Cussing Club on tv last night! That kid may not do any cussing but I guarantee he's going to be cussed at.

Yaya said...

This post is AWESOME! You rock!

TGIF and Happy VGNO!

terri said...

Some people just can not stand to know that they received a call and there was no message left. (My husband!) I share your attitude. If it's really important, they'll call back or would have left a message. I'm not that anxious to spend more time on the phone.

pam said...

Colin sounds like he could be one of my children. I think they would forget their heads if they weren't attached. Hope you are having a wonderful night at Ann's party.

Mrs4444 said...

Holy cow! I think you've had more than your share of WTF moments this week!

Lizzie said...

i love your moments! i'll have to check out that dictionary, never heard of it, sounds funny :)

came over for VGNO *cheers*

Debbie said...

I hate those return calls like that! Drives me crazy.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You've had some hilarious WTF moments this week, haven't you? ;) Happy VGNO!!

WeaselMomma said...

I love this new WTF feature. These were great and I love your solution for the mis-dial!

OhCaptain said...

These WTF are fantasitc! People are so rude on the phone. Actually, I think people in general are getting much ruder. But I digress.

Happy belated Friday!

Mike said...

You know that as a parent your going to get that WTF moment constantly. Especially with teenagers. I need to write a post as well...

Cheffie-Mom said...

ROFL! We have those moments often!

nonnasnonsense said...

ok, i guess i'm a big bitch because i call back numbers i don't know to see who it was. really i'm just nosey. and if i misdial a number i always wait till they answer and appologize for disturbing them. i always thought that was the courteous thing to do. i know i hate when i answer and somebody asks for "john" and i say i'm sorry you have the wrong number and they just hang up. no i'm sorry, thank you anything.

Ann said...

These are great!
So funny