Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sum it up Saturday - Kind of like Friday Fragments but on Saturday

Forgive me fellow bloggers for I have sinned! I have been neglecting my blog. I have been called out by Weaselmomma and she is correct: I have been wrapped up in my new cell phone!

The Joys of Technology

The second half of 2008 brought new technology into my life that I never dreamed of owning and I almost feel like an Amish teen experiencing Rumspringa.
I had heard tale of cars that talk and fondly remember the television show "My Mother the Car" (60's t.v. show). I never dreamed that I would ever own a car that would give me directions (navigation system), tell me when I was going to back into something ( rear-view camera) and entertain my family (dual DVD system & satellite radio).

Thank you Stop-Sign-Crashing-Driver that totaled my old, inferior vehicle!

Talk to Me
Sometimes when I am driving by myself and get a bit lonely for company, even though I know where I am going, I have used my navigation system. The soothing voice reminds me where to exit and turn in a non-judgmental tone (unlike my hubby).

Now with my new "Smart Phone" and blue-tooth technology, I can make calls though my sound system using voice recognition software that is installed in my "Mother the Car". There are a few glitches to work out yet and I have accidentally called the Emergency Towing System and the wrong contact a few times.

I also noticed that the car's VRS (voice recognition system) seems to listen better to my husband than me. Just like at home with my boys! I thought it was because I am not speaking loudly or clearly enough. (Or perhaps not spanking hard enough!)

Turns out there is a bit of sexism in the VRS software! I ran into a friend at the bank yesterday who has a PhD in Speech Pathology and specializes in voice recognition systems. She told me that much of the programs in service are out-of-date and used mainly male voices for modeling speech patterns. Guess I'll have to lower my voice an octave....

Lucky 13

On New Year's Eve, my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we had reservations at one of our favorite restaurants that we have not been to in a few years.
My oldest son just turned 12 and we were able to leave the boys alone for a few hours.

We fed them an early dinner and let them watch t.v. They were able to call us with any questions or problems. Which they did twice.
1. When will you be back and can I go on Webkinz?
2. Can we have dessert?
We were home by 8:30 and brought back a chocolate cake. We watched Carson Daley who has the same cell-phone as me and posted photos he took as the night progressed. I haven't gotten around to mastering the camera function yet. ( I'm still working on not calling or sending text messages by accidentally bumping the wrong button)

Other Tidbits

Keep those Cards & Letters Coming!

Our kitchen wall is covered with Holiday Cards & Letters and we need to get started on writing ours. I heard from a long lost friend who is now living in sunny Florida at the beach. (I am sooo jealous)! We also found out that one of our friends had a new addition to their family via adoption and another couple who has been trying for years to conceive are expecting twins in a few months!

Looks like we'll be meeting our Insurance Deductible this year!
Alex went back to the Orthopedic Dr. and his arm is healing nicely. Just a few more weeks hopefully....
Colin, my 7.75 year old has been bouncing between the dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon(s) getting x-rays, molds and second opinions. He currently has a "Pumpkin Smile" due to a "supernumerary tooth" or extra adult tooth that is creating a "pile-up" of adult teeth and will require tooth extraction and braces.

Better start playing the lottery! We are going to be needing some $$$ in 2009. I wonder if my new cell phone or my new car have any suggestions for numbers??????

Happy New Year !


nonna said...

ha! try having a southern accent and attempting to use VRS on your cell! most attempts sound like this:
me: call randy
VRS: did you say granny?
me: no... randy
VRS: did you candy?
me: NO! ran deee
VRS: ok, calling granny...
me: WTF!!! NO!! i don't want to talk to granny and hear about all her aches and pains!!! oh, hi granny. how are you doing? (ugghhh! why did you ask that you moron! you know she is going to tell you her list of complaints!!)

screw VRS! all of that is AFTER i trained it for my voice too...

OhCaptain said...

Happy New Year!

4funboys said...

congrats on 13 years... and the new phone.

Best Wishes for the lotto... and if you win... remember your bloggie buddies~

Weaselmomma said...

It's nice to have you back! Sounds like the Hot Mobile is totally tricked out.

Tara R. said...

I set my GPS to have a sultry Aussie accent... his name is 'Lee.' I think Hubs is jealous. Good luck to Colin and the orthodontist. My college kid had to have 7 teeth extracted before she got braces... I empathize.

Mrs4444 said...

Hey, Bad Momma!! Happy New Year!! Congrats on your anniversary :) And how cool is that to be able the kids at home?!

terri said...

I think I need a new car with all the options. I'm totally missing out on all the fun!

Happy anniversary!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Happy New Year & Anniversary!

adlibby said...

Happy New Year & congrats on the new phone. So... I'm new here and I'm wondering what qualifies one as being a "late-in-life mama"? I often feel like the oldest gal in the car pool line -- is that enough?! ;) I had my kiddos in my mid-to-late 30's and I definitely need reading glasses, does that count?