Monday, January 19, 2009

Putting Our Money Where His Mouth Is!

Word to the Toothfairy: Pay Up!!!

Today my youngest son (who will be 8 in March) had to go to the oral surgeon to get 2 teeth pulled. Colin had a supernumerary tooth which was creating a log jam in the gums and preventing his top-front baby tooth from falling out. When he smiled, he reminded me of Goofy Grape.

The orthodontist recommended immediate action: 1. Braces then 2. Get the baby tooth & extra adult tooth removed; attach a chain to the remaining adult tooth then 3. Go back to orthodontist and have the chain attached to the braces to guide the Adult Tooth into place.

We were a bit nervous. We were attempting to have the extraction done with only Novacaine. Most patients his age are "put under" which would require an anesthesiologist at the local Children's Hospital. Not only is the hospital visit much more costly, there is more risk involved with anesthesia.

When Push Comes to Shove
Last week Colin had braces put on his top teeth. He was a good patient for most of the visit until he grabbed the orthodontist's arms and pushed back, while the doctor was jamming metal bands on his teeth.

The orthodontist shot a look at my husband and issued a warning. If Colin put up even the smallest resistance next week with the Surgeon, he'll refuse to operate in his office and the procedure will be postponed and moved to the hospital. This did not bode well and we had a week to prepare.

The Bribe
My two younger boys are into Webkinz, which I would describe to the uninitiated as a cross between Beanie Babies and Second Life. For around $14 you get a bean-filled animal with a code to enter a virtual playground. This is like crack for elementary-school kids. My husband made an offer of FOUR WHOLE HOURS on the Webkinz virtual world in exchange for model patient behavior.

Game Day
The bribe worked! I have never in my life heard of anyone looking forward to getting teeth pulled. Yet my son was giddy with excitement. It also added to his glee that his brother was jealous.

In just under 30 minutes the deed was done and my son came bouncing though the door. With a gauze filled mouth and two teeth in hand, he couldn't wait to get home to his computer. I was told Colin did great and the doctor was impressed (pleasantly surprised).

We Need To Schedule The Toothfairy Visit.

My husband told me there would be a two day delay for the Toothfairy. We need to allow time for Show & Tell at school. I told my hubby that I will leave the logistics up to him. Lately due to "great minds thinking alike" the late-night tooth payout has been double. I think the only reason the gig isn't up is that my kids don't want to mess with a good thing!

These days we don't worry about our bank failing. We prefer to put our savings into the mouths of our babes. I used to call my baby "Mr. Jack-o-Lantern Smile".

Now I call him "Lil Bling-Bling Mouth"!


Weaselmomma said...

He could have a future in Rap!

Tara R. said...

If all goes well my son will get his braces off in March. Woohoo! Good luck to Colin on his... he sounds like a real trooper.

Mike said...

Reading your post brought me back to when all three of mine went through this with braces. Fun to see how you and the husband worked the bribe. Kids are so easy...

Mrs4444 said...

What a sweetie. Glad to hear it wasn't too traumatic :)