Friday, July 11, 2008

Faithful Friday / Count Your Blessings - Week 2

This week the blessing I want to acknowledge is that of Family.

I was single until I was 36 and had my first child at 37. I remember a time where I did not think I would get married, let alone have children. Now I can not imagine a life without my husband and 3 boys. Having faced the possibility of being a life-long "singleton", makes me much more appreciative of what I have.

I am grateful that my boys are happy, healthy, smart and relatively good boys. They help make me a better person. My life is full.

We had a cookout last weekend with some friends and their two beautiful and brilliant girls. This couple also centers their life around their children. We were discussing the importance of a good education and the importance of parental involvement.

The mom of this family emigrated from China with her family when she was young. They had to leave much of their possessions behind to come to this country. She pointed out that with Wealth, it is possible to lose everything. Education can't be taken away. Her family was able to quickly rebuild their lives due to her parent's knowledge and skills. ( medical and engineering)

She has a friend who owns a business with her husband. The couple work very hard and are never home. They have babysitters watch their children. Mom and Dad are gone from early morning until 9:00 at night. The children are staying up late to see their parents and are doing poorly in school.

The sad part is that the couple is working longer and harder than they need to. They want to provide their children with money and the finer things in life. These mis-guided parents equate money with love. The children need their parents and their presence, not presents. This family may have money but they are poor.

The last few years, we have started to simplify our lives. My husband is taking time out of his career to stay home with the boys. We have adjusted our lifestyle so we can afford to do this. We have discovered that less can be more. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy life. Savoring every moment. We are truly blessed to be able to enjoy this time with our boys while they are young. Can't put a price on that!

This post is part of the 6 week Count Your Blessings


Trish said...

So cool that you are posting your blessings - and your post was a joy to read. Getting to realize what is important and what's not is one of the best blessings of all - and your kids benefit so much...which means you get blessed....a wonderful chain reaction.

I'll be back more often - both to read your blessings post, and just to read!

wornoutwoman said...

Trish is right...what a joy to have read this. You're right that family is striving for financial fluff but will always be poor without quality time with their children. Thank you for this wonderful post!

Tara R. said...

This was beautiful... we so often forget that the one thing that our kids want is more of us. Fortunately, hubs and I can also adjust our work schedules if needed. I'm glad you are joining this challenge too.

Jenny said...

So sweet, Momma. Even with the bad pulling (me), throwing things (also me), whining & sobbing (me)...I am most grateful for my children and husband over anything else in my life.

4funboys said...

Too bad more people "just don't get" this...

Your boys are very blessed with a momma with so much insight!