Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Absolutely Un-Fabulous

Recently I've been getting these invitations in my in-box:

"Please come join me at Beautiful Fabulous. I know you are thinking another social network, but trust me you will enjoy yourself!"

Not sure I would fit in. Nor enjoy myself! Nor am I in the habit of trusting total strangers.

I also am not sure why anyone would think that I would be interested in:
"The social network that celebrates everything Beautiful & Fabulous! Join our celebration for free!"
Don't think you could pay me to join. As a self-proclaimed Bad Momma, I tend to celebrate the un-glamorous side of life.


Tara R. said...

But you are Beautiful and Fabulous! Start you're own social network... :P

Bad Momma said...

*cough* *cough* Thanks, Tara! Sorry I read this mid-sip of a Diet Coke & it went down the wrong way...;p

Birdie said...

yeah why not??? reminds me of that cartoon character form Jimmy Newtron. Her name was Beautiful Gorgeous. I call my kids that sometimes. Beautiful Fabulous...can we take that seriously?? I'd like to see the kind of people that go there. They're probably funny to watch. "You should SEE my new Dolce bag! Darling, it's TO DIE FOR! Let's jet over to Vegas tonight for cocktails & we'll talk about - ME! *smooches*"

Jenny said...

Yeah, it feels like since I started blogging and joining Mom's sites and stuff...it's opened up a whole new universe of junk mail.
I agree with the ladies above...you ARE beautiful and fab! I'd be curious to see what they celebrate that is both "Beautiful & Fabulous" (!)

Cheffie-Mom said...

I have gotten some crazy messages lately too! Hmmmmm..... I'm curious what this one is all about! LOL!