Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Part II - HELP!

This weekend I continued where I left off on our Spring Cleaning. I spent a bit of time cleaning out the vegetable garden plot. As you can see from the before photo below, I have my work cut out to get ready for planting this year. I didn't pull out the stakes and dead plants at the end of the season last year. One of my boys pointed out that our garden looked like it belonged to the Addams Family!

I moved on to our closets, making piles of outgrown and outdated clothing. I was making fairly good progress until I came to the Dining Room Table, which is covered with two or three years worth of old school projects, papers and artwork.

At this point I choked. I tend to be a pack rat and have a hard time getting rid of unnecessary paperwork and momentos. I am organizationally impaired as well as ADD. I took one look at the table and walked away. When faced with an unpleasant task, I tend to put it off for later. Better add "procrastinator" to my list of short-comings.

My husband is much better at this. He will sort through the piles of papers that come home, filing schoolwork and recycling art projects and papers not worth saving. This works well until one of the kids finds their treasured project in the recycle bin and rescues it. Surely Dad made a mistake! I don't have the heart to say otherwise. I end up adding the retrieved items to the growing collection on my table.

I will probably end up being one of those old ladies who is found barricaded in her house with 20 years worth of mail and newspapers. Good thing I am not a cat person! I sure could use some advice!

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Joeprah said...

First, I am a huge Tesla fan. I have read a few different biographies on the man and I find his life very interesting. Nice before picture of your vegetable garden, best of luck, and I hope my post on kids art was helpful somewhat. I throw a ton of stuff away and its like a boomerang, it somehow comes out of the garbage and lands back on my table...only with more yogurt on it than before. ;)