Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bathroom Humor

As I've been reading the blogs of Moms with toddlers, I am reminded of how much easier my boys are to take care of now that they are older, especially when it comes to the bathroom.
An Excerpt Reprinted from our 2003 Family Newsletter

Bathroom Humor

As you can imagine, there is much drama that unfolds in our household and the bathroom makes for a great staging area!

“ What’s that wet spot on your shirt?”, I asked Colin as I came back to check on him. I was trying to cook some pasta as well as assist Colin in the downstairs bathroom.
“ Devon peed on me!” he replied.
Devon was at the sink, washing his hands, with his back to me. He was pretending not to hear this exchange. “ Devon, is this true?” I asked him. “ Did you pee on your brother?!” Devon looked at me sheepishly and replied, “ It was an accident.” I waited with amusement to hear his explanation.
Apparently Colin was taking too long sitting on the potty and Devon was too lazy to go upstairs to another bathroom. He saw a small opening and thought he could make it. We had a “discussion”. In addition to agreeing that it was not a very wise choice, we also concluded that his aim is not very good either.

Shaving with Dad
Sometimes in the morning Dad will let Colin shave with him. This consists of putting some shaving creme on Colin’s face and giving him a razor with the plastic cover left on. Bit by bit, Colin will slowly and methodically remove the foam.
One day Alex, who is very observant, also wanted to shave. Dad told him he could go after Colin. When it was Alex’s turn, after lathering him up, Dad gave Alex the razor Colin had used.
A few moments later, Alex cried out, “Ouch!” Without Dad noticing, Alex had removed the guard before shaving. Having witnessed Daddy shaving on several occasions, Alex knew that you could not shave with the plastic cap on over the blade. Seconds later, blood and tears flowed freely. Our little stud had his first shaving accident!
It was no surprise that Alex refused to help create a reenactment shot, even when told the cap would stay on and we would use fake blood. “ I’m never shaving again!” he protested in a highly agitated tone.

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4funboys said...

Only mom's of boys can "truly appreciate" the importance of good aim!