Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How I Spent My Spring Break

We had what my husband likes to refer to as our "Worst Spring Break- Ever"; we worked day & night to move my business. While moving is very stressful, it is a great way to get rid of crap, as well as test a marriage.

I am happy to say that we survived and I am out of my old space. I still have a ton of work to do to get organized but at least all my stuff is in one place.

My boys didn't mind the long hours. They were allowed to watch t.v. and play video games for hours at a time; mostly unsupervised. They were able to sneak in episodes of the Simpsons, Family Guy and much to my horror, American Dad!

In case there is any doubt that I am a Bad Momma, this Easter clinches it. I was short on time and energy so I picked up a bunch of assorted candy, a frozen pizza and Jones Easter Soda.

After our Easter Pizza dinner, I had the boys close their eyes. In lieu of Easter baskets and an Egg hunt, I threw handfuls of assorted candy at each of their plates. When I was done doling out plastic eggs, jelly beans and chocolates; they were allowed to open their eyes and pig out.

Yesterday they had a chance to share what they did on break. My fourth grader told his class that he had to work all week but he had a great Easter filled with great candy and Easter Soda!
Apparently the teacher got a chuckle out of this and the kids were intrigued with the idea of special Easter flavors of pop.

Thanks for welcoming me back. I hope you all had a good Spring Break.


Tara R. said...

"I threw handfuls of assorted candy at each of their plates..." that is hilarious! and so much more than I did for my kids. Congrats on the new place!

crazymama said...

Thats too funny! Sometimes life gets crazy & we do what we have to inorder to keep up. Hey, atleast you had the right holiday!!!

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Welcome home! I missed you!

Jenny said...

Whoopee!!!! I missed you so! I even came around a couple of times just to see if...maybe...she came back early...awww nuts. Nothing.
But here you are! Glad your business is moved, sorry to hear you had the "worst spring break - ever"...although, sometimes those are the most memorable! Wish I could have seen the candy throwing! :) Welcome back!

4funboys said...

And my boys would move in with you in a New York minute if it meant unlimited t.v.!


glad you're back...