Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sum it Up Sunday - Week in Review

Time is Running Out!
This lovely Calculator-Alarm Clock came in the mail Wednesday thanks to my husband doing a price-comparison on Auto insurance. Even though I have yet to join AARP and I've gone through a 3rd extension of the deadline to join, I was sent this lovely gift. No note. Just showed up in the mail. Couldn't help but think there was a subliminal message involved. Kind of like the horse head from The Godfather!

Brace Yourself

Eldest Son got his braces off & on Thursday, received his retainer. He is supposed to wear this gadget 24/7 with a few exceptions. So far he's not being very cooperative. He's either eating, about to eat, just eaten or "playing sports". Said sports include: throwing a Nerf football with his baby brother, riding his bike around the neighborhood, and playing with neighborhood kids.

I've made a new rule: No retainer, No TV!

Miracles do Happen

This week I also had my 1st Parent-Teacher conference for my 6th-grader. He is doing well in school and is well-liked by all. Only negative is his organizational skills (or lack thereof). He needs to slow-down, proof-read his work and organize his notebook & backpack. My 7th grader likes to be organized and has been making fun of what a disaster his brother's locker is.

I also struggled with being Organizationally-impaired growing up. It is a life-long battle.

We decided that it might be a good idea for Alex to come in early one day a week to straighten & properly file papers at school. I also approached the idea of my oldest son helping his brother with his locker. My middle-son reluctantly agreed to let his brother help, as long as he wouldn't be "judged".

I came home Friday afternoon to find that both boys stayed after school to straighten up the messy locker. Without being told and without any bickering!

It's not even Christmas yet. Miracles really do happen!

The Plague Hits Home
Yesterday we discovered my middle-child was running a high fever and has caught some sort of Flu-Bug. We are keeping him sequestered mostly in his room, letting his roommate/younger brother camp-out in the loft on a sofa. At this point, I would guess that we are all exposed and at risk. But just in case, we are taking a few precautions.

My husband spoke to our pediatrician. The epidemic has hit our schools, with as much as 50% of the student population that may be infected in the next week or two. Not much we can do but keep our patient comfortable, hydrated and isolated. Could last for several days.

I now am worried every time I have a "Hot-Flash". Menopause or the Flu? Perhaps I need to start wearing a surgical mask!

New Bike
Christmas also came early in the way of a shiny new bicycle for my eldest. Devon has been wanting a new bike with gears and other accoutrement befitting a teenage boy. He will be turning 13 in a few months but couldn't wait. After a few weeks of shopping around, he found "the one" today at Target!

Much to my husband's surprise, the kid even brought a wad of cash from his allowance and odd-job payouts. I guess "Santa" will have to find another gift to bring!


WeaselMomma said...

Busy week. I hope that sickness passes through the house quickly and without much ado.

terri said...

Don't you just love it when your kids surprise you by being nice to one another? Hope the flu bug passes quickly without everyone getting infected.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I've always been unorganized!! I can't help it!! LOL!!

I hope your son feels better soon and everyone else does not get it!!

seashore subjects said...

Sorry about the flu - we had it here last week. But, thankfully it only hit 2 out of 5!