Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School Angst

Today is the first day of school complete with a sleepless night, butterflies in the stomach and a few tears. And that's just ME! The boys seem to be faring much better. Or so they would have me believe....

It's Elementary, My Dear Reader
My "baby" is entering the 4th grade and the last child in elementary school. It will be several years (five to be exact) till I have all three boys together again. I am most nervous about my youngest child. The transition to Public School from Montessori School has been the most challenging for him. The last two years he was tottering between two grade levels due to his proficiency in Math. After careful consideration in conjunction with school administrators, we decided to have him pushed ahead a year in all subjects to provide more consistency.

While we know he is up for the task academically, I worry about maturity. Will he fit in with his peers? Will he be the smallest child in his class? Will he make friends? Are we doing the right thing?

In my heart, I know we have made the best choice but there is always a niggle of doubt.

Middle School - Middle Son Challenge

My middle son is now a middle schooler entering the 6th grade. He is giddy with excitement. A little too excited if you ask me. The kind of excitement that may ignite a beat-down from a bully. Or an older brother, which is more likely.

Not only has this child gotten all the "good" teachers. (according to student opinion) He is in his brother's 7th grade Honor Math class. Much to my eldest's dismay. While I am a bit worried about the competition that is brewing, I can't help but be a bit amused.

Clothes Competition

On the competition front, clothes are also a major issue. All the 10-12 size pants have made their way to my middle son's closet. My elder son is a P.I.A. to shop for AND has no long pants. Next size up is 12-14. A 4-6 inch length difference and he is right in-between sizes.

Crap! Now I have to hem... Not one of my better skills. In college I perfected the "Staple Hem" but not sure this will work here. I wonder if my son learned enough in last year's Home Ec to do his own tailoring. Probably not. Good thought though...

Back to Work

I have been preoccupied with anticipation of the days events and trying to put my thoughts down. It is now mid=morning. Time to get to work! I'll be on pins and needles all day until I get an update....

Hope all your "First Days" have gone well! *fingers crossed*!

Update: Dinnertime
The day went pretty well near as I can tell. Youngest seemed to have a pretty good, albeight non-descript day. But I guess no news is good news.

Just the normal "brotherly love" between the older two. Eldest tried to ditch Middle Son on the way to school but was unsuccessful. In math class my 7th grader was teased by a few friends about his younger brother being in the class. (he was one of six 6th graders that were advanced.)

My middle son enjoyed his brother's efforts to diss him. At one point in class when no one was watching, my eldest leaned in and whispered in his brother's ear, "If evil had a face, it would be yours!"

We are still missing a few required supplies so I will be heading out shortly to perform my motherly duties!

Time for dinner!


Cheffie-Mom said...

I hope your boys have a SUPER first day! Can't wait to hear all about it!

terri said...

My daughter's first day isn't for 12 more days! Hope your boys had a good one!

Stacey said...

Sounds as though the boys came through very well! How is Momma doing?

Mike said...

My youngest starts her junior year at high school in a week the middle child starts her senior year the following week (different high schools). I remember the chaos when the girls were younger. Sounds like yours survived just fine....

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Im glad all went well...maybe you can get back into the swing of things now missy!!