Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twitter is Down

Help! Twitter is down..... I'm going through withdrawl! What would this be called? Twitdrawl? Cold Twiturkery?

Are we under attack? I wonder who is behind this heinous denial of service act... Microsoft? Google? 3rd party Terrorists?

I hear that FaceBook is breaking too. (I'm oddly o.k. with that one). How am I going to waste the time that I don't have to waste? Is this the end to life as we know it?

Suddenly I don't feel so good.. *sigh*

The room is spinning & starting to go dark. I need to lie down.....

Blogger please don't break too!



Tom said...

I'm going through withdrawal. I'm isolated, marooned on a desert island in the ocean that is the internet.

I never would have believed I'd suffer this much, or click on the refresh button so many times.

It's a wonder how I survived ten, twenty years ago.

Please, twitter! Defend those attacks and block those evil IPs!

surprised mom said...

Ok, so I get the Internet back only to lose Twitter! I feel a little sick myself, alone in a cruel world.
It's amazing, since I didn't even start Twittering until four months ago.
I haven't felt this bad since I quit cigarettes the first time. Talk about withdrawl!

Momo Fali said...

I still can't get Twitter or Twitpic to work...only Tweetdeck. All I can think about is that I'm going out of town this weekend and need to use my Twitpic!

Dad.. said...

I don't Twitter an awful lot, but NEEDED to so so when they were down. ARGHHHHH! That was an awful feeling!!