Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clothes Buying Olympics - Another Personal Best Time

As I had mentioned in my last post, my eldest son has been is dire need of long pants. He thinks he can wear shorts until it snows and does not see this as a problem. I beg to differ. I am starting to get busy at work and want to not worry about emergency shopping trips. Last year I had to make a run to Target and buy a new dress shirt, dress pants, tie & belt 1 hour before a band concert due to a growth spurt and poor wardrobe planning!

This year it took a few different attempts until I found the perfect technique.

Attempt 1: Mix school supply shopping with clothes shopping. Managed to buy 2 pair with a bit of cajoling ( 1 pair at Meijer, 1 at Target). This was done begrudgingly and pants were not tried on.

Attempt 2: Leave child at home and pick out a pair while helping middle son find proper gym shorts. Found 2 pair of shorts for middle, more cooperative son and another pair of pants at Target for eldest. Funny thing is that my oldest son pitched a fit that he hated the pants and then we discovered they were identical to a pair he picked out 2 days earlier. (he claims he picked said pants out under duress)

Attempt 3: "Kidnap" your child and don't tell them where you are going until they are locked in the car and on their way to store. I did this the other day.

I picked up the boys at a friends house and told them I needed to go to the library. After returning a book, I called my husband so he knew I had my children and were on the way to the department store. My hubby and I decided that we needed 3 more pair of pants and he told us not to come home until we purchased them.

I thought I had a coupon for Kohl's so we went there. In under 20 minutes, Devon found a pair he deemed acceptable. After trying them on in 2 different sizes, we decided the larger size would work with an 1" hem. As luck would have it, the said pants came in 2 other colors. We snatched them up and made our way to the counter.

Bad News : Coupon expired the week before.

Good News: Pants were on sale at almost half-off! ($19.99 down from $36.99).

Bad News: I now have to hem 6 pair of pants. ( not one of my talents).

Later that night, I was so over-joyed at my success, I hemmed 3 pair.

I am half-way done and will use Labor Day weekend to finish this task. I guess this will be a "work" holiday. How's that for irony? (or ironing which I will also be forced to do!).


Tara R. said...

Unfortunately I've never had to cajole either of my kids to go shopping for clothes, they are both such fashionistas.

terri said...

Devon sounds like a typical boy! Most of them hate shopping. But it's always a bonus when you find something they like and can find it in several colors. Happy hemming!

Stacey said...

I am quite impressed! You should teach a class on how to do this! ;-)

WeaselMomma said...

That sounds like a marathon. I cheat with the hems and just use stitch witchery!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Way to go! And I know about growth spurts - I think Kyle grew 2 feet over the summer! LOL!

Momo Fali said...

Hemming is what my cheap tailor is for...or my mother. Me and sewing don't mix.

surprised mom said...

Can I tell you I admire you for hemming your sons' pants? I really do. I can't pick up a needle. I'm not deserving.

I admire the way you've gotten the clothes you needed for the boys, even the "kidnapping" method.

Sorry I haven't commented lately, but I have been reading!

Mike said...

As a father of all girls, shopping is an art around here. All I have to say is we're going to the mall and their ears perk up and they have purses in hand waiting to go. It's me that they usually have to drag out the door...