Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Update

Sunday was not only Father's Day but also the official start of Summer. Time seems to be flying by. My two older boys are enjoying their Volunteen work at the library and all three boys are on the Swim Team for our local pool. We have our 2nd meet tonight. (oh joy! 3 hours baking in the heat tonight! I may have to "accidentally' fall in the pool.)

As if you don't already know, I have been getting much joy out of my vegetable garden. Pictured above is my meager harvest from last night. I picked some lettuce, dill & chives this morning to make a salad for lunch. After years of trial & error, I have finally learned the benefits of fertilizer. I recently started using Scott's Miracle Grow for Tomatoes and Miracle Grow for Flowers & Vegetables.

Sunday we went to a local Blues & Jazz Festival and I took a bunch of photos. One of the main reasons we love festivals is for the Funnel Cakes! Also crafty souvenirs such as t-shirts and hats.
We also stopped by the adjacent Carnival and took in a Nature Walk. I broke the photos into 4 posts. This way it seems like we had 4 separate days of vacation as opposed to 4 hours!

This time of year, I find that time flies by and there are never enough hours in a day to keep up with my blog and fellow bloggers. Hopefully this is a quiet weekend so I can catch up!
Well, ...I'd better get to work now! Hope you are all having a great week!


surprised mom said...

Of course I looked at all your photos and you it looks like you had a marvelous time! I can't believe you did all that in four hours! On your nature walk it looked the rabbit was posing for you. How cute.
It seems most people I know started summer off with a bang and keep getting busier. But that's what summer's all about getting out and enjoying being there.
Happy summer and don't bang your head when you "accidently" fall into the pool!

terri said...

I have a hard time keeping up this time of year too. (Hence the reason I am stealthily commenting from work, hehe!)

Your veggies look delicious!

OhCaptain said...

That festival sounds and looks great! I'm falling way behind too. Summer just has too much fun stuff to do.

Mike said...

God, I'm not working and still not getting to blogs like I should. Love festivals as well. Especially if its a Jazz and blues one...