Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sum It up Sunday - Summer is Here

As with many of my bloggy friends, this past week has been busy with end of the school-year activities.

Party Time
Last weekend my middle son turned 11. We took 7 boys swimming, to the movies (Night at The Museum 2) and then dinner. ( Note to self: boys stop ordering off the kid's menu at this age, be careful when choosing restaurants ).

Summer Fun
Wednesday was the last day of school and 5th grade graduation. I now have 2 middle-schoolers.
These 2 boys are volunteering at the local library as "Volunteens". They help sign up and give out prizes for the Summer Reading program. The photo above is my eldest on his first day.

My boys have already completed their reading tracking sheet. I also signed up and need to catch up. I wonder if I can count "blog reading" as part of my reading time??? If anyone has any good books to recommend, let me know; I have a lot of catching up to do.

The boys are starting their summer swim team practices at our neighborhood pool. Great exercise and helps fill a few hours a day. They are also signed up for a few short "camps" for music and writing. Otherwise this should be a pretty relaxed and lazy summer.

Garden Report
My garden continues to evolve. Strawberry season is over and I need to harvest my lettuce. The heat will turn my greens bitter if not eaten soon. (Good thing we have family coming in tonight!)
Looks like I should have a good crop of tomatoes and hope to be able to harvest some cherry tomatoes soon. My peppers are also coming along nicely. My dill has started to flower and needs to be given away.

I am anxiously checking my snap pea vines daily for signs of pea pods. This is our 1st year for planting peas and I am worried I started a few weeks late. I also am hopeful for a better year for my yellow squash and cucumbers. I limed the soil and am fertilizing on a regular basis. I daily scan for blossoms. None so far....

Rising Fuel Costs

Gas Prices are on the way up... This is my first fill-up last week where I am finally over the $2.00 mark. I paid $2.559 with my 20 cent off Kroger Marketplace Fuel Perk.
Speaking of perks,l I need to put some coffee on and get motivated to clean and grocery shop. We will have a house and yard full of relatives late today!


My Three Sons said...

When i was younger I used to hang out with my grandparents and they had a huge garden. We had potatos, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, corn, pumkins, pea, and even a grape vine. They also had 3 apple trees. Those were great memories and I'm hoping one day when life slows down that I can have garden in my yard as well.

I think that is great that the boys are volunteering at the library. I'm hoping to keep my middle son entertained with books. My oldest loves to read so he is never a problem.

Hope your having a great weekend and have a great day with the relatives.

Cheffie-Mom said...

It's awesome that your boys are volunteering at the library. Reading is such an adventure for kiddos during the summer! enJOY your boys, your garden and SUMMER!

surprised mom said...

Summer reading brings to mind long lazy days, but I don't have many of those days. If you want to read mysteries, try anything by J.A. Jance. She's got four series, so there is plenty to chose from. I love reading her. Kudos to your boys for volunteering at the library. Oldest looks good sitting behind the computer. I can't wait to see more photos of your garden. It sounds like you have super green thumb!

Mike said...

We're pushing $3.00 a gallon here for regular! Thanks for some ideas to keep my teens busy this summer...