Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Update - When you missed Friday Fragments and Ann's Virtual Girl's Night Out.

Friday Fragments ( on Saturday) - Pride and Joy

For one day a week, my eldest son has been staying late after school to take part in "Math Counts" where students can practice solving math problems in preparation for a competition against other schools. He chose to do this entirely on his own and asked us for permission to participate. (as if we would say no).

On Thursday he found out he was one of 8 students (and one of 2 sixth graders) that made the team for his middle school. Today he got to ride a bus to a local college and take some tests. While their team didn't place in any of the competitions, I was proud that my son actually thought this was fun!

Let's hope he continues down this path......


One of my long lost friends from Cre8Buzz tracked me down and added me to her new blog. I guess it's only been a few months but I was still over-joyed. Ironically I had just posted about missing the Cre8Buzz network which had met an un-timely demise.

If you have a chance, go visit my pal JoJo and leave her some comment love!

Virtual Girls Night Out

On Fridays, Ann, one of my friends from Mom Blogger's Club, has been sending out email blasts about Virtual Girls Night Out or GNO for short. She provides party music, a nifty drink recipe and an interesting party conversation topic. This week's topic is Oscar-related and we are to name 3 things we would like to give thanks for and the people we would thank ( our own personal "Academy" speeches) so here goes:

  • I'd like to thanks my family for making my life "interesting" and giving me something to blog about.
  • I'd like to thank You, the faithful few who come by to offer encouragement, friendship and most importantly COMMENTS! Without you, I'd just be another tree falling in the forest and not knowing if I made a sound. ( o.k. better cut off the Bourbon Slush, I am starting to sound like Mickey Rourke. Thank god we don't have any dogs!....)
  • I'd like to thank Ann for being a great hostess and providing a great way to meet new bloggy pals!
This concludes my weekend update and I need to get back to the land of the living.
Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Mrs4444 said...

I almost made it to the GNO but had to go to bed early, believe it or not.

What a great experience for your boy; I hope he keeps up with it!

WeaselMomma said...

The GNO idea sounds fun.
Very cool that your son is all about the math. This will serve him well.

Tara R. said...

Thanks for the link to JoJo. I've been trying to track down some of my old Buzz friends too. Thanks.

Congrats to your son on his Math Counts competition. My daughter did that too in Middle School. She loved it too.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Congratulations to your son! Awesome!

The Girls Night Out sounds so fun! I need to check it out!

I'm off to check out JoJo's blog.

Have a wonderful day!

Nithya said...

My son participated in the Math Counts competition last week too and it was entirely self-initiated. We're very proud of him.
When the kids realise for themselves and don't do things out of pressure, their self-esteem goes up too.