Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Fragments - Buzz-Kill

Friday Fragments

What Happened to The Buzz?

A few weeks back, one of my favorite blogger network sites, went off-line, never to return. Anyone know what happened?

Some of my best blogger buddies came from there!

I've had to turn to FaceBook for my time-wasting, soul-sucking, social interaction!

No More "Perks"!

Mike recently posted about his company
eliminating "free"coffee for employees but keeping it for the customers. I think this is a hostile move to get people to quit. I find that caffeinated workers are better workers. A cup or two of fresh hot "motivation" is worth every penny, especially in these tough economic times.

Wasn't it Ben Franklin who warned about being "Penny-wise but pound foolish"?

Kind of scares me that Mike works for a financial institution!

Family Fun Night

Wednesday night, my middle-schooler had a Book Fair / Family Fun Night at his school. For a $5 admission fee, there were samplings from 12 different restaurants. The theme was "Wizard of Oz". Members of the band took turns playing songs from the movie, the film was projected on a wall in the hallway and the decor also picked up the theme.

I was grateful my son was not embarrassed to be seen with me and actually asked me to take him. I also appreciated the one on one "quality" time. We went early and didn't stay long because of the pending storm.

Wasn't it cool how the school got the weather to fit the theme? Fortunately we didn't get an actual twister!


Thanks to all the media frenzy, my boys are aware of the Michael Phelps fiasco. While I understand Kellogg's move to end its sponsorship and Michael being banned from competitive swimming for three months, I am surprised that there may be criminal charges filed. (I'm not sure how this would work. The photo shows a pipe but I don't know how anyone can prove what was in it.)

I ending up having the discussion that I really wanted to avoid with my boys. I did my best to explain the situation.

Michael was a geeky, awkward kid who overnight became a Rock Star. He suddenly started dating strippers, because now he could, and at a party smoked some drugs to be cool. Someone took a picture and sold it to the tabloids for lots of money. Now Michael is in lots of trouble.
How cool is that?!!!!
This doesn't take away what Mr. Phelps has accomplished. However, it shows what happens when you use bad judgment; especially when in the public spotlight.


Tara R. said...

I'm really bummed about cre8Buzz too. I kinda knew what was coming and downloaded by "Friends List" before we went off line.

I kinda bummed about Phelps too. Another example of a good kid, a gifted athlete doing something extremely stupid just because he can. Tragic

OhCaptain said...

I was curious about the Cre8buzz thing as well. I noticed it first in my badge on my site. It went dead one day.

Mrs4444 said...

I loved the Buzz but had to break free when school started. My best bloggy buddies are from there, too. So glad I met you before the burn!

Phelps-Dumb kid. Big lesson learned, I hope.

Thanks for joining me this week!! :)

Nithya said...

Hi, This is mt first time on your blog. Enjoyed your Friday lineup.

Yeah, too bad about Phelps....I always lecture, I mean talk to my kids about making right choices.

Liked that comment about alpha-mom on another post. I wonder if that's why the principal always avoids eye-contact with me :-))

terri said...

I loved the close-knit feel of Cre8buzz. I'm sad that they couldn't make a go of it. I too met a lot of great people there.

Cheffie-Mom said...

You invited me to Cre8buzz, but I did not do a very good job keeping up with it! I have not been over there in a while. I wonder what happened?

My Three Sons said...

Well I'm glad your son could be seen with you in public as well. My oldest son thinks it is terrible to be seen with me. We cannot even go to Wal Mart that he wants to hide or walk 20 steps behind me. Very annonying! My middle son who is only 11 months younger is so awesome, he would go to the movie theater with me on a Friday night when ALL of his friends are there and wouldn't even care!

Oh well, hopefully it is just a stage.

Happy Monday

Bad Momma said...

@My 3 Sons: My oldest is usually the same as yours. It's called "The Oldest Son" Stage. He will only be seen with me on rare occasions, which is why I had to blog about it! My middle son (17 mos. younger)& youngest son love to be with me. Must be an Alpha-Male thing.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

My 16 year old son is fine being seen with as long as I don't hug him or show any signs of mommy-to-baby affection for him in public:-)

I totally agree with you about Phelps. The journey from being a geek-reject to being worshipped like a god, can be mind-warping, and can lead to bad decisions. Too bad. Sometimes it only takes one mistake to taint all the good you've done.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Aww, RIP cre8buzz. I enjoyed it a while back but just didn't have time for it lately.
If the hospital eliminated our free coffee, I think I'd stage a protest.

jojo said...

Hey bad momma! Ian J Hedges was able to get a response from Keenan saying that the new investors backed out at the last minute. If you google the screen name of your cre8buzz friend and go into cached information you can see the last saved screenshot. I was rather shocked that they did not send out atleast a warning e-mail, but they had been warning us since October of last year. I have tried linking to as many friends as I can find on my blog page. I also am finding quite a few on digg.I am terrible at facebook, maybe I will try yuku next?

Mike said...

Thanks for the nods in your blog on mine about coffee.

The funny part of the "no coffee" policy is that the new bank sent us all brand new travel coffee mugs. How ironic...

pam said...

Honestly how much does a cup of coffee cost?

Hope you are having fun at the GNO. I hope to see you stop by my place for the party as well.

~Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by to say hello and Happy VGNO!!! Enjoy your weekend~

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Stopping by from Ann's VGNO...Lovin' those Friday Fragments! :)

Debbie said...

Just came by from the GNO.
Sounds like your evening with your son was great fun.

GinSpaghetti said...

Oh I love book fairs! My mom is a kindergarten teacher and I STILL get excited about her book fair! I don't even have kids! But books are expensive so we stock up now, lol! Stopping by from Anns!

Sarah J. said...

Happy Friday! I was bummed about Michael Phelps..I still like him though and I think we as parents can definitely use things like this a teaching tool(although my girls are too small to understand)