Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sum it up Saturday - Kind of like Friday Fragments but on Saturday

A Picture is Worth 1,ooo Words and 1,000 Words are 999 Too Many !
Earlier this week I spoke to my 86 year-old uncle, who lives out of state, in a retirement home. He will sometimes go to my blog to see photos & catch up on any news. He asked about some of my Thanksgiving photos and I filled him in on our family get together.

He then asked me if I ever delete my older posts. I was confused. I explained that a blog is like a diary and I like to have an archive of my entries. I asked what he thought should be cleaned up.

He told me that there were just too many words and that my blog seemed to go on and on with no end in sight. I told him its ok to just look at the pictures.

Unless reading my missives helps him fall asleep!

Glad to know my life makes for a riveting read!

update: Uncle Marvin corrected me; he is 88 years old!

Shooting on the Fly

I am trying to bring a camera with me when I am running errands in my car. On Wednesday, I posted some quick photos I took of Holiday Lights in my neighborhood. The photos don't begin to do them justice. I want to take a walk at night to try again when the weather is nicer.

I decided to start a new blog, for my Drive By Shooting . I am in the process of setting it up; the new blog will be on my profile & attached to this blog. Hopefully this will help motivate me to take more photos and develop some skills. I took a few random shots on Friday that I will post.

A D.A.R.E. I Couldn't Refuse

While I pride myself on being a "Bad Momma", this time of year I really earn my moniker.
This is my busy time at work and I have been putting in a few 12 hour days & 60 hour weeks.
I have been leaving the house before everyone wakes up and spend a couple of hours in the evening before bedtime with my family. Fortunately this is just for a few weeks.

Thursday my husband called me in the afternoon to tell me I had to take my 5th grader to his D.A.R.E. graduation. It was my turn since my husband went last year for our oldest child. I resented the glee in his voice when my DH told me the program was 1.5 hours and would be packed. *yawn* followed by *sigh*!

After randomly choosing a seat and settling in, out of boredom I perused the program I was handed on the way in. The back had a list of "TIPS FOR PARENTS".

First on the list:
"Establish family rules that make the use of drugs non-negotiable".
How would you begin to negotiate that?

"You can only use drugs on weekends, after dinner and before curfew, if your homework is done. Only marijuana. No crack, crank or heroin....."

I don't know about your house, but our policy is simple. You pull sh*t like that, you get your @## kicked!

Well that's the highlights of my week. And too many words for at least one "reader"!


Weaselmomma said...

Your Uncle is cracking me up and you have the best drug policy going.

Tara R. said...

You uncle is a hoot.

You have the right idea on your drug policy. Seriously... there is no negotiation, there are no drugs. End. Period. Dot.

terri said...

I can't wait to see your photography blog. I have one but don't really promote it because it's kind of neglected.

Your uncle sounds like a hoot. I'm impressed that he finds and reads your blog. Many older people would be clueless about anything internet related.

Don't you just love D.A.R.E.? Makes me wonder who in charge thought they really need to remind parents that drug use should be non-negotiable.

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

I love your drug policy! It's the only effective one out there I think :-) Your uncle sounds like an interesting character. His comments about your blog made me smile.

nonna said...

unlike your uncle, i think most of us are glad that your blog goes on and on and on :)
but i am impressed with his internet surfing ability. just remind him to be careful, he might break a hip surfing :)

Mike said...

Zzzzzzz, uh, sorry I fell asleep reading all the words.

Seriously, you drug policy (and probably alcohol) is just like mine. Don't put up with it. Period...