Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mad For Science

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Picturing the Scientist
Last night my eldest son handed me a folder of papers to autograph. He had received his interim class grades. Thankfully he is doing well and I gave him the token "You can do better than this" on his 2 B's. (between you & me, he is doing much better than I did at his age).

Tucked between the progress reports were random papers and I found this gem (front pictured above & back- below). The assignment was to draw a picture of a scientist. As I started to read and chuckle, my 6th grader snatched the paper from my hands.Red-faced, he explained that this was not for a grade and was an in-class exercise.

Bad Parenting or Too Many Hours of Bad TV?

I waited until this morning to retrieve the "work of art" . I sure hope his science teacher has a sense of humor! My son's idea of a scientist is a Mad Scientist who works in a secret lair. His father is in prison for life and his mother is an abusive alcoholic. Our man of science is continually at work trying to take over the world.

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As I constantly warn my children, we are one step away from a visit from Children's Services!
I think we are going to have to cut back on late-night television and "Pinky and the Brain" cartoons.


Cheffie-Mom said...

What a cool name he gave the scientist, "Dr. Vaguestely". (: And great art work!

Weaselmomma said...

I think that he has a wonderful imagination and 'Pinky and the Brain' has just enhanced it.

Tara R. said...

No more Pinky and the Brain? That seems unduly harsh. 'Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'

nonna said...

i think he will at least be a great blogger, more likely he will be giving stephen king a run for his money :)

Mike said...

The world is in dire need for more mad scientists. Happy scientists are just not as much fun.

Make sure you congratulate him on the two B's. Or you may end up raising a mad scientist