Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good Ideas Gone Bad

Tonight my 6th grader gave me some homework. His teacher had all the kids have one of their parents (or guardians) make a list of Good Ideas (inventions that make our lives better) and then a list of Good Ideas Gone Bad. I tend to get a bit silly at night and hope the teacher has a sense of humor..... Without further ado I present:

Good Ideas

  • sliced bread
  • Hot Pockets
  • the Microwave Oven (for cooking)
  • Dryel ( dry cleaning system for home dryer to save on Dry Cleaning Bills)
  • Cell Phone
  • Credit Cards
  • The Internet (thanks, Al Gore!)*
  • The Blackberry (thanks, John McCain!)*
  • * a little bi-partisan humor
  • Pizza
  • the Ice Cream Cone
  • Walmart ( low priced goods for the masses)
  • Spell Check, Calculators & Google
  • the answering machine
  • caller id
  • GPS

Good Ideas Gone Bad

  • the Microwave Oven - using it to dry your dog
  • Pizza - every night for dinner
  • Leaf Blower - not sure if this was ever a good idea
  • cell phone while driving, walking, shopping, at the movies.....
  • using Credit cards to live beyond your means
  • The Internet - spam
  • The Blackberry - using it 24/7 hence the nickname "Crackberry"
  • Walmart (for allegedly killing off small business and abusing their employees)
  • Cell Phone for text messaging - teaches kids to type with their thumbs and mis-spell words
  • Spellcheck, Calculators and Google - diminish brain usage
  • using an answering machine to screen calls ( bad for telemarketers & stalkers)
  • caller id - ditto
  • Segway - you look foolish and get no exercise
  • GPS - blindly following it...( and ending up in a pond, coffee shop window or Nationwide commercial)
  • Twitter - reporting your every move
  • Wikipedia - using it to replace an Encyclepedia
  • the Wii - You know what's good exercise? EXERCISE! - Go outside and play!
What would you add to the Lists????


Weaselmomma said...

Good idea: Light beer
Good idea gone bad: Miller Genuine 64

Cheffie-Mom said...

LOVE LOVE your answers! LOL! Don't you know- the Wii is exercise! Just kidding!

terri said...

Love your answers! You are funny! I couldn't improve upon your answers.

Tara R. said...

Good idea gone bad - diet supplements/pills: trying to lose weight without actually changing your eating habits or level of activity.

Good idea - internet: allowing parents to work remote from home.

Love these lists!