Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - The Give-Away Pile

Knitted Potholder from Long Gone Grandma
(from the lost collection of Sock Monkeys, Knitted flowers with
Sea-shell centers and Barbi-Doll With Long
Crocheted Hoop Skirt / Toilet Tissue Cover)

Petrified Wood Wine Opener and Cork Set

Pink Art-Deco Vase circa 1988 - Mint Condition

I found my marbles. I'm keeping these!

Saki Set won in a Karate Dojo Raffle

An old 35 MM Film Camera and a Poloroid One Step Camera

Nifty Pink Ice Bucket from my 80's Single Days


Jenny said...

Hey! Thanks for making us "friends"! You own, like, cool stuff. Love the vase...and I think the pink ice bucket is smokin! I'll be seeing you around!

Bad Momma said...

Thanks, Jenny! In a house full of testosterone, pink is not a good color for us. Let me know if you need a pink ice bucket!

4funboys said...

I know all about the testosterone... especially the ones contributing to my stinky laundry.

I loved the legos too...

Spring cleaning... definitely need to do that -- some time, later.

Jenny can have the pink bucket... I want the cool camera! That made me laugh.

LaskiGal said...

What a unique collection of cool stuff! Came over from the Buzz!