Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Eating Game - Initial Results

We started our contest last week, on Wednesday, mid-week, to see how our game would work. I had some success. The competition is getting my problem child to slowly re-try foods that he had been rejecting over the last several years. Macaroni & Cheese is our first hit. Bacon was another winner.

While the Eating Game was designed to help my middle child, my other two boys have been becoming better eaters. Unfortunately they are way ahead of their finicky brother and will have no problem winning enough points for the weekly rewards. It will be much more difficult for my picky eater.

Tonight was not a good night for my middle son. We had Blackened Salmon Fillets, Rice Pilaf and Corn. Dessert was freshly baked peanut butter cookies. Two boys ate like champs; one did not.

All my middle son had to eat was a tiny bite of each item. This would qualify for a mini cookie. I put a few very tiny portions of each food on his plate. If he ate everything, he would get a big cookie with a Hershey's Kiss. He kept trying to re-negotiate to only having to take a microscopic bit of the Salmon and not having to try the rice or corn. I held firm.

Alex could have eaten something else but there would be no points rewarded. He went to bed without eating dinner in protest.
I did let him pick tomorrow night's dinner. He chose Mac and Cheese.

I am hesitant to make the rules easier for one child and tougher for the others. I am hoping my middle child will not get discouraged.

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Tara R. said...

My youngest is a picky eater too. He doesn't like most vegetables, so it's difficult to get him to eat a balanced meal. I found that he likes to cook and was more receptive to eating different foods if he helped prepare the meal.