Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday / Show Yourself Sunday

Recently when blog-surfing I noticed a few blogs that asked for lurkers to identify themselves. I thought this was a great request. I am a relatively new blogger ( March of '07 ), and am a feedback junkie. I don't have advertisers and need some sort of acknowledgement.

I noticed certain days have themes: Wordless Wednesday, Four for Friday.... and decided to create my own blog day.
Drum Roll.......... Sign-in Saturday!

So, if you happen to be out there lurking, please show yourself! As this is already late afternoon on Saturday, I also propose that Sunday is... Show Yourself Sunday.


Elizabeth Coplan said...

Does "It's a Holiday Monday" still count?

Also, I appreciate your piece on Monopoly. My youngest son (age 13) is a wiz at anything financial (always has been) and he beats the pants off anyone who plays the game with him. The joke now is not who will win the game but can he better is financial capital from the last game.


Elizabeth at A Wild Ride

Me said...

Just saying Hi! :-)

Tara R. said...

Great idea... I'll be back!