Saturday, December 8, 2007

Burger Boys

We had dinner last night at Frisch's Big Boy. The boys had some kid's meal coupons from Halloween and we thought we'd have a family dinner out. When I was a teenager we used to hang out at the local Big Boy. It was a blast from the past. I don't think much has changed. Same menus, same icon dressed in checkerboard overalls.

As we opened the menus to order and I stared at the shiny image of the smiling mascot, I had an epiphany. Big Boy and Burger King might be related. They both have shiny fiberglass faces, although Burger King is way creepier.

I stared at the photo of Big Boy and wondered if this is what Burger King looked like as a boy.
If so, what made him turn so weird and scary?

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Tara R. said...

I hate that King! Seriously creepy. I haven't been to a Burger King since that ad campaign began. The "Murderous Moms" commercials are even worse.