Thursday, November 15, 2007

Making Santa P.C.

OH NO! Say it isn't so! Is Santa another misogynistic male? Apparently controversy over his use of the " Ho, Ho, Ho " greeting has broken out in Australia.

The furore erupted after recruitment company Westaff suggested its Santas swap 'ho, ho, ho' for 'ha, ha, ha' because the traditional term could be viewed as derogatory towards women and could frighten young children.

Perhaps Santa is in need of a total update to make him more "politically correct". First get him on a diet. With all that extra weight, Santa is a walking billboard for Heart Disease. Put him on a season of " The Biggest Loser ".

How about a haircut next? What's he hiding behind all that hair? He could be mistaken for a terrorist or bank robber. Rush him to the set of Bravo's Shear Genius for a new 'do.

Finally let's get Santa some new duds. I bet Heidi Klum would be glad to have Santa as a guest-challenge on her Project Runway which is also conveniently on the Bravo campus.

When we are done with Santa, move on to Don Imus for a badly needed make-over!


Tara R. said...

Seems that England and Scotland have already started efforts to trim down the jolly ol' elf.

Santa boot camp -

Santa poster boy for obesity -

kristinaQ said...

This is too hilarious!

Oh gosh, I can just imagine if such a practice was instituted worldwide.

"Ha Ha Ha" ... Santa'll sound like a crazy person! lol