Saturday, November 3, 2007

Holy Halloween, Batman!

As usual this Halloween, I stayed home to hand out candy ( microwave popcorn ) while my husband took my boys trick-or-treating. This year my middle child was sick and had to stay home with me. His brothers took an extra bag to collect candy for him but it wasn't the same.

My poor sick child took me up on my suggestion to dress up in his Harry Potter costume and stand behind me as I greeted the Trick-or-Treaters that came to our door. We didn't get very many "guests" and he ended up passed out on the couch.

My 10 year old put a do-rag around his head, borrowed a red cape from an old Superman costume and carried his trusty sword to go as a "Swordsman". My 6 year old wore a Batman costume that was handed down from his brothers.

After a few years of practice, my little Batman had a plan of attack. He found the shortest route between houses, even if this meant cutting though flowerbeds and bushes, to get to the next house. He would rush to the door, pushing in front of all the other children and quickly ring the doorbell.
As soon as he got his treats, he would scamper off to the next stop.

A four year old neighbor, dressed as a skeleton observed this technique and turned to his mother.
" That kid knows what he is doing! I'm going with him!" he exclaimed as he took off running.
" Wait up Batman! Wait-up, wait-up!"

His mother's protest fell on deaf ears. " Honey, I think he is too fast for you." At this point the boys were about five houses ahead of their respective groups.

Sorry Robin, it looks like Batman has a new sidekick.

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