Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spam - Not Just For Lunch

Who is ED and why do they want to get rid of him???? Why do I get dozens of people each day that want to be my drug dealer? Girls want to meet me or tell me about their boyfriend's endowment.
I also get special stock tips, numerous applications for mortgages that have been approved and foreign nationals that want to give me money. I also have been getting greeting cards from anonymous friends. Banks that I did not know I had accounts with, need me to change my passwords or update my information.
Why me???? How did I become so popular? How do these people find me?
This is at least 90% of my daily emails!!!! I am torn between feeling dirty and being angry for being mistaken for an idiot.

I wonder what kind of idiot responds to these misspelled, poorly written, and insulting spam-mails?

Not me.....

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staceyhoff said...

Hello, ran across your blog while searching for another! thought it was funny so stayed to check it out~ I have an idea~ ha ha~maybe we should start responding with spam e-mail of our own,ya know, 'srry your not very well endowed'and 'what to do about your halitosis', 'so God made you ugly?' and 'I'd be depressed if I had your job too.' LOL. Just a thought while still processing my coffee into my still groggy morning mind (though be it a sarcastic, impish little mind) hah :)