Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Animal Rummy - A "Family Friendly" Game?

Animal Rummy - a fun children's game or recruiting tool for homosexuals?

Quick! Someone call Jerry Falwell! I found something that could be bigger than his "outing" of Tinky Winky!

I recently brought home a four-pack of card games for children. I like to test toys and games out on my kids for potential products to sell in my shop. My boys love card games and I wanted to see if they would enjoy the same pasttimes that I did at their age. The first deck we opened was "Animal Rummy". I chose this deck to start with as it fairly easy to play.

After explaining the rules, I started dealing out cards. The images are fairly kitschy with illustrations from the 50's. There was Silly Goose dressed in a blue shawl and red bonnet, Funny Bunny with a pink bow and holding a bouquet of violets and Slick Chick with a hat adorned with flowers. Pretty Kitty also had her floral "couture" hat. Other characters are Wooly Lamb, decked out with bows, Wise Owl looking natty with his top hat, Sassy Squirrel wearing a red ball-cap and striped tee and Brown Mouse dressed in blue gingham and looking very "country".
But wait there is more.....Turned Turtle showing his best side, Sly Fox pimped out with his green hat and matching green belt and what???...Gay Dog?????

Gay Dog appears to be a cocker-mixed breed with a green hat with a purple band and matching purple bow around his neck. Must be something about the color purple. Isn't that what first tipped off Jerry and his band of Religious Right-Wingers off to poor Tinky's orientation? I guess the purse is what did Tinky Winky in.

Poor Gay Dog with his big brown eyes and soft curly fur coat. Leave it to a children's game to "out" a butt-sniffing, effeminate, slightly neurotic breed. Come to think of it, Sly Fox could be on the same team with his tightly-cinched waist belt, queer-looking hat and tongue hanging out rather salaciously! And what about the turtle? What does "turned" mean? Has he been converted to play for the other team? What's with the tongue??? Is Turned Turtle also gay?

What do you think? Is this an innocent children's game or a recruiting tool to corrupt our sweet, naive youngsters?


mary said...

I was laughing so hard at this post, that I was crying. If you should ever decide to "quit" your current business, I believe writing would be a great avenue for you. Dave Barry....move over!!!

Anonymous said...


after your children become gay you could send them to electro-shock therapy to make them straight again.

if cards can make someone gay, it is a good idea to make some card games for peace and respect and ......

Bad Momma said...

@ Anaymous:
There are so many things my kids will need electro-shock therapy for, but this would not be one of them.

Love the idea for card games that teach respect.

This post was done as a satire and does not represent the real views of the poster or the sponsoring media.

Bad Momma said...

If only I could spell! I meant:@ Anonymous

Bad Momma said...

If only I had sponsoring media!